CIVIL WAR RELICS


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 ITEM # B167                      20 Two Ring Gardners in dropped condition recovered from the
                                         Richmond and Petersburg areas.


 ITEM # B166                   69 Caliber for rifle musket. Dug in Charles City, Va.
                                         $7.00                                                M&M 328


 ITEM # B165                         69 Caliber for rifle musket. Recovered from Charles City, Va.
                                               $8.00                                                             M&M 330


 ITEM # B164                            69 Caliber three ring bullet. Recovered from New Kent, Va.
                                              $8.00                                                          M&M 313


 ITEM # B163                                      69 Caliber three ring bullet. Good dug condition.
                                                      Recovered from Charles City, Va.
                                                      $7.00                                           M&M 329


 ITEM # B162                               Group of 20 Enfield Bullets dug in the Richmond
                                                 and Petersburg area. All in dropped condition.


 ITEM # B161                            70 Caliber Machine made for rifled musket.
                                                  Excellent condition bullet.
                                                  $20.00                                      M&M 339


 ITEM # B158                    U.S. 69 Caliber Rifled Musket in nice dropped condition.
                                          Recovered from Charles City, Va.
                                          $8.00                                                              M&M 447


 ITEM # B157                                  69/70 Caliber Bullet. Nice dropped condition. This one has
                                                               a nice base teat. Recovered near Fredericksburg, Va.
                                                              $8.00                                                                  M&M 324


 ITEM # B156                                 54 Caliber Gardner. Recovered from Northern, Va.
                                                 $8.00                                                      M&M 169


 ITEM # B155                          58 Caliber Gardner. Bullet recovered from Northern, Va.
                                             $8.00                                                           M&M 174


 ITEM # B154                                              56 Caliber Colt Revolving Rifle.
                                                                $10.00                      M&M 116


 ITEM # B153                 1861  56 Caliber Sharps Carbine. Recovered from the Richmond, Va. area.
                                     $10.00                                                                          M&M 190


 ITEM # B152              Side Cast 69 Caliber Rifled Musket. Recovered from Charles City, Va.
                                  $7.00                                                                          M&M 327


 ITEM # B151                     Henry Repeating Rifle Cartridge. This one was recovered from
                                                  an 1864 Cavalry camp near Hopewell, Va. This is an original
                                           cartridge not a put together as many for sale are.



 ITEM # B150                Dug Spencer Carbine Cartridge. Recovered from Farmville, Va.
                                               This is an original cartridge not a put together as many are.
                                      Dug along Lee's  retreat to Appomattox, Va.



 ITEM # B147                Georgia troops teat base bullet. Nice condition 58 caliber. This one
                                     has a very large teat. Recovered from New Kent, Va.
                                     $20.00                                                                          M&M 391



ITEM # B146              Georgia troops teat base bullet. 54 caliber. Recovered from New Kent, Va.



 ITEM # B145               Confederate Colt. 44 caliber bullet recovered from Henrico Co, Va.    
                                                                                     M&M 81



 ITEM # B144                                 Shaler variant. Nice condition 3 piece Shaler bullet. This
                                                 one was recovered together from Culpepper, Va.
                                                 Very nice example.
                                                 $125.00                                                             M&M 520


 ITEM # B143                      Tall C.S. Enfield. This bullet is also known as the Green Enfield. It 
                                        is in excellent dug condition recovered from Hatchers Run, Va.
                                        Located in Dinwiddie, Va. Bullet has a small cone cavity. 54 caliber.
                                        $20.00                                                          M&M 219


 ITEM # B140                   C.S. 54 Cal Richmond labs sharps carbine. This bullet was used
                                         religiously by the confederate cavalry. Excellent condition.
                                         Recovered from Dinwiddie, Va.
                                         $8.00                                                    M&M 464



 ITEM # B139                 Machined Grooved 69 Caliber bullet. This is a scarce bullet in good condition.
                                    Recovered from the early war camps of New Kent Co, Va.  
                                    Prussian pattern variant.
                                    $20.00                                                                                 M&M 336



 ITEM # B136                 Grouping of extracted bullets recovered from the Virginia campaign's.
                                     Consisting of a ( Harpers Ferry 58 Pistol Carbine, 58 & 69 Carcano's
                                     Star Base Three Ring, 69 Plug Base, Type Two & Three Williams
                                     Cleaners, C.S. Enfield, And 69 & 52 Caliber Round Balls.


 ITEM # B135             58 Caliber Pistol Carbine or ( Harpers Ferry ) bullet in nice dug condition.
                                 Recovered near Petersburg, Va.
                                 $6.00                                                                                        M&M 352


 ITEM # B134                                    71 Caliber Austrian Rifled Musket. Nice large bullet.
                                                    $20.00                                                        M&M 314


ITEM # B133                                     69 Caliber French Dragoon Triangle Base Variant.
                                                   $20.00                                                     M&M 264


 ITEM # B130                              69 Caliber Prussian variant. Excellent condition bullet.
                                               $25.00                                                           M&M 288


 ITEM # B129                Shaler three piece. Excellent condition, recovered from Fredericksburg, Va.
                                    Sold                                                                       M&M 521


 ITEM # B127         Reconstructed Buck & Ball. This one was excavated from Brandy Station, Va.
                              $10.00                                                                                               M&M 551


 ITEM # B126         54 Caliber Georgia Troops Teat Base Bullet. Recovered from Manassas, Va.


 ITEM # B121                          69 Tower for rifle musket. Nice condition Tower bullet.
                                            Recovered from Southeastern, Va.
                                            $40.00                                                          M&M 215


 ITEM # B120                  69 ( Carcano ) or Raleigh Labs bullet in excellent dug condition. Associated
                                     with the North Carolina troops. Recovered from Southeastern, Va.
                                     $40.00                                                                                            M&M 199


 ITEM # B117                      Confederate 69 Austrian. Nice condition hard to find bullet. This one
                                         has a large base teat.
                                         Sold                                                                             M&M 320


 ITEM # B114            Confederate Ringtail Sharps Carbine. Excellent example of a crude made C.S.Bullet.
                                Recovered from Drewry's Bluff, Va. This one has a large mold seem.  


 ITEM # B113                    Fifteen 69 Caliber three ring bullets. These bullets were recovered
                                       around New Kent Co, Va. All in good dropped condition.


 ITEM # B112                      Salvaged Lead bullet. This one was recovered from Richmond, Va.


 ITEM # B111                          69 & 54 caliber Carcano's that have been pulled from the rifle.
                                                      $45.00                                                         M&M 199 and 201


 ITEM # B110                     Rare 65cal Hanovarian. Very scarce and hard to get bullet.
                                        Verbal provenance is Manassas, Va.
                                        $145.00                                                                  M&M 63


 ITEM # B109                      Gardner Explosive. Nice looking bullet most likely recovered
                                          from Fredericksburg or Battle of Gettysburg. 58 Caliber.
                                          $175.00                                                                  M&M 532


 ITEM # B108                         C.S. 69 Caliber Gardner. Very nice condition bullet.
                                            Recovered from Drewry's Bluff, Va.
                                            $125.00                                            M&M 168


 ITEM # B106                               Picket Bullet. 42 Cal. Recovered from Richmond, Va. 



 ITEM # B105                               39 Cal Picket. This one has a nice uncut mold sprue.
                                                Recovered from Henrico Co, Va.


 ITEM # B104                                                50 Shot & Damaged 69 Cal Round Balls.
                                                             Recovered from The Richmond,Va area.


 ITEM # B100                     Type 3 Williams cleaner bullet with zinc washer intacted. Hard bullet to
                                       dig in this condition.
                                       $8.00                                                                       M&M 516


 ITEM # B99                    C.S.Nose cast 58 Cal 3 Ring Bullet. This one has the deep plug cavity.             


 ITEM # B98                             Five 58 Cal star base bullets


 ITEM # B97                         Wormed 57 base Enfield.


 ITEM # B96                         Nice L base Enfield.


 ITEM # B89                      Confederate hand carved lead finial. Recovered from a C.S. camp
                                      in Hanover Co,Va.


 ITEM # B83            54 Caliber Carcano. Bullet casting is weak on one side. These are scarce bullets.
                              These are associated with the N.C. troops. Product of the Raleigh Laboratories.
                               Sold                                                                                                      M&M 201


 ITEM # B82                        Teat base sharps carbine bullet. Recovered from the Richmond,Va area.


 ITEM # B77                    Flat and Dish base Burnside carbine bullets. Recovered from Northern,Va.


 ITEM # B76                            435 Cal  Confederate Tranter Revolver Bullet. Recovered from
                                            the Midlothian Coal Mines. These mines produced large 
                                            amounts of coal for the south and were guarded by the
                                            Confederates during the war.
                                            Sold                                                                      M&M # 92


 ITEM # B74                            69 Gardner bullet in very nice condition without dings or scrapes.
                                            Recovered from near Stones River,Tn.
                                            Sold                                                                  M&M 168


 ITEM # B73                             44 Colt Army Revolver bullet with partial skin cartridge remaining.
                                             Recovered from Hanover Co,Va.


 ITEM # B68                    Nice musket nipple protector made out of a 3 Ring Bullet. This piece was
                                      recovered out of the Petersburg Lines.


  ITEM #B60                          Nice little Confederate three ring bullet. This bullet has the deep
                                         plug cavity and measures  .513 -.984 recovered from Richmond.


 ITEM # B56                                    Sharps & Hankins.      Bullet has some damage.     


 ITEM # B46                               Cut bullet recovered from a Pennsylvania camp west of Petersburg,Va.


 ITEM # B28                                         5 Bartholow 44 Cal army revolver bullets recovered from
                                                     the Richmond and Petersburg areas.
                                                     $25.00                                                     M&M 479


 ITEM # B26                                                         36 Cal Maynard in nice dropped condition.
                                                                 Recovered from New Kent,Va.


 ITEM # B24                                      577 Cal Sharps variant recovered from a Confederate camp along
                                                  the James River in Varina,Va.


 ITEM # B23                                                       54 Cal Georgia troops bullet. Missing Teat

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