CIVIL WAR RELICS


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 ITEM # B190                             52 Caliber Sharps Carbine Linen Cartridge. Excellent condition.


 ITEM # B189                   69 Caliber Buck-N-Ball. These are scarce in the Blue Paper. I have
                                       seen a few over the years and has only been a very few. This  
                                       paper was intended for Cleaner Bullets to be kept separate from the
                                       others. It is quite rare to see these Blue Paper Buck-N-Balls.


 ITEM # B188                       Burnside Carbine Cartridge. Very nice non dug condition.


 ITEM # B187               Eley's Needle Cartridge for Revolver. Nice condition  cartridge. 41 Cal.


 ITEM # B186                        Williams cleaner bullet set. Type 1,2,& 3 all in great 
                                            excavated condition recovered from New Market,Va.
                                            Shipped in a nice Riker Case for display.


 ITEM # B185                               48 Dropped 69 Caliber Round Balls. Recovered from
                                                 New Market, Va. Round balls have been cleaned.


 ITEM # B183                            Dug Spencer Carbine bullet. This bullet is in excellent condition
                                             without damage or repairs. Bullet has some adhesive to one 
                                             portion where most likely mounted to a Relic Board at one time.


 ITEM # B181                           Nice condition Jocelyn carbine. Recovered from New Market, Va.
                                             Hold                                                                      M&M 470


ITEM # B179                             Three Ring Bullet Grouping. 54, 58 and 69 Caliber bullets.
                                               Recovered from New Market,Va. Shipped in a Riker Case.


 ITEM # B178                                       44 Caliber Adams. Good condition Bullet
                                                        Recovered from New Kent, Va.
                                                 M&M 124


 ITEM # B177                                        Neat little confederate pistol bullet. 38 Caliber.


 ITEM # B174                   36 Caliber Foreign Mold for Confederate Revolver. This one is another
                                      excellent condition bullet. Recovered from New Market, Va.
                                      Hold                                                                                   M&M 97


 ITEM # B172                  Grouping of rifle and pistol round balls. Recovered from the Richmond
                                      and Petersburg areas. Balls range from about 31 to 69 caliber.


 ITEM # B169                        55 Caliber Confederate Merrill also known as the Morse Carbine.
                                          Excellent condition bullet recovered from Amelia Co, Va.
                                          $45.00                                                  M&M 67


 ITEM # B168                     69 Caliber for rifle musket. This bullet has the large plug cavity.
                                        Recovered from Charles City, Va.
                                        $7.00                                                 M&M 333


 ITEM # B167                      20 Two Ring Gardners in dropped condition recovered from the
                                         Richmond and Petersburg areas.


 ITEM # B166                   69 Caliber for rifle musket. Dug in Charles City, Va.
                                         $7.00                                                M&M 328


 ITEM # B164                            69 Caliber three ring bullet. Recovered from New Kent, Va.
                                              $8.00                                                          M&M 313


 ITEM # B163                                      69 Caliber three ring bullet. Good dug condition.
                                                      Recovered from Charles City, Va.
                                                      $7.00                                           M&M 329


 ITEM # B162                               Group of 20 Enfield Bullets dug in the Richmond
                                                 and Petersburg area. All in dropped condition.


 ITEM # B161                            70 Caliber 3 Ring Prussian Machine made for rifled musket.
                                                  Excellent condition bullet associated with the Ohio troops.
                                                  $20.00                                      M&M 339


 ITEM # B158                    U.S. 69 Caliber Rifled Musket in nice dropped condition.
                                          Recovered from Charles City, Va.
                                          $8.00                                                              M&M 447


 ITEM # B157                                  69/70 Caliber Bullet. Nice dropped condition. This one has
                                                               a nice base teat. Recovered near Fredericksburg, Va.
                                                              $8.00                                                                  M&M 324


 ITEM # B156                                 54 Caliber Gardner. Recovered from Northern, Va.
                                                 $8.00                                                      M&M 169


 ITEM # B155                          58 Caliber Gardner. Bullet recovered from Northern, Va.
                                            $8.00                                                     M&M 174


 ITEM # B154                                              56 Caliber Colt Revolving Rifle.
                                                                $10.00                      M&M 116


 ITEM # B153                 1861  56 Caliber Sharps Carbine. Recovered from the Richmond, Va. area.
                                     $10.00                                                                  M&M 190


 ITEM # B152              Side Cast 69 Caliber Rifled Musket. Recovered from Charles City, Va.
                                  $7.00                                                                          M&M 327


 ITEM # B151                     Henry Repeating Rifle Cartridge. This one was recovered from
                                                  an 1864 Cavalry camp near Hopewell, Va. This is an original
                                           cartridge not a put together as many for sale are.



 ITEM # B147                Georgia troops teat base bullet. Nice condition 58 caliber. This one
                                     has a very large teat. Recovered from New Kent, Va.
                                     $20.00                                                                          M&M 391



ITEM # B146              Georgia troops teat base bullet. 54 caliber. Recovered from New Kent, Va.



 ITEM # B145               Confederate Colt. 44 caliber bullet recovered from Henrico Co, Va.    
                                                                                     M&M 81



 ITEM # B144                                 Shaler variant. Nice condition 3 piece Shaler bullet. This
                                                 one was recovered together from Culpepper, Va.
                                                 Very nice example.
                                                 $125.00                                                             M&M 520


 ITEM # B143                      Tall C.S. Enfield. This bullet is also known as the Green Enfield. It 
                                        is in excellent dug condition recovered from Hatchers Run, Va.
                                        Located in Dinwiddie, Va. Bullet has a small cone cavity. 54 caliber.
                                        $20.00                                                          M&M 219


 ITEM # B139                 Machine Grooved 69 Caliber bullet. This is a scarce bullet in good condition.
                                    Recovered from the early war camps of New Kent Co, Va.  
                                    Prussian pattern variant.
                                    $20.00                                                                                 M&M 336



 ITEM # B136                 Grouping of extracted bullets recovered from the Virginia campaign's.
                                     Consisting of a ( Harpers Ferry 58 Pistol Carbine, 54 & 69 Carcano's
                                     Star Base Three Ring, 69 Plug Base, Type Two & Three Williams
                                     Cleaners, C.S. Enfield, And 69 & 52 Caliber Round Balls.


 ITEM # B135             58 Caliber Pistol Carbine or ( Harpers Ferry ) bullet in nice dug condition.
                                 Recovered near Petersburg, Va.
                                 $6.00                                                                                        M&M 352


 ITEM # B134                                    71 Caliber Austrian Rifled Musket. Nice large bullet.
                                                    $20.00                                                        M&M 314


ITEM # B133                                     69 Caliber French Dragoon Triangle Base Variant.
                                                   $20.00                                                     M&M 264


 ITEM # B130                        69 Caliber Prussian Machine Ring variant. Excellent condition bullet.
                                          These are believed to be associated with the Ohio troops.
                                          $25.00                                                           M&M 288


 ITEM # B127         Reconstructed Buck & Ball. This one was excavated from Brandy Station, Va.
                              Hold                                                                                              M&M 551


 ITEM # B121                          69 Tower for rifle musket. Nice condition Tower bullet.
                                            Recovered from Southeastern, Va.
                                            $40.00                                                          M&M 215


 ITEM # B120                  69 ( Carcano ) or Raleigh Labs bullet in excellent dug condition. Associated
                                     with the North Carolina troops. Recovered from Southeastern, Va.
                                     Hold                                                                                           M&M 199


 ITEM # B113                    Fifteen 69 Caliber three ring bullets. These bullets were recovered
                                       around New Kent Co, Va. All in good dropped condition.


 ITEM # B112                      Salvaged Lead bullet. This one was recovered from Richmond, Va.


 ITEM # B110                     Rare 65cal Hanovarian. Very scarce and hard to get bullet.
                                        Verbal provenance of Manassas, Va.
                                        $145.00                                                                  M&M 63


 ITEM # B109                      Gardner Explosive. Nice looking bullet most likely recovered
                                          from Fredericksburg or Battle of Gettysburg. 58 Caliber.
                                          $175.00                                                                  M&M 532


 ITEM # B108                         C.S. 69 Caliber Gardner. Very nice condition bullet.
                                            Recovered from Drewry's Bluff, Va.
                                            $125.00                                            M&M 168


 ITEM # B106                               Picket Bullet. 42 Cal. Recovered from Richmond, Va. 



 ITEM # B105                               39 Cal Picket. This one has a nice uncut mold sprue.
                                                Recovered from Henrico Co, Va.

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