The Powhatan Station
                          Civil War Relics


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 ITEM # B241                       Game Pieces. Bullet and Round Ball gaming item's used by soldiers
                                           for such games as Checkers & Chest to pass the hours of camp
                                           life. Top left appears to have been made with a Round Ball while
                                           top right shows what is left of a 6 point swedge. The rings can also
                                           be seen around the base of the bullet. All three item's where
                                           recovered from New Market, Va.        


 ITEM # B240
                          3 Piece Shaler. Good condition bullet dug complete. There is
                                             a plow mark on the top of one side as can be seen in the
                                             photo. Recovered from Culpeper, Va.


 ITEM # B239                               69 Caliber Raleigh Arsenal bullet in great dug condition.
                                                 Bullet was recovered near Richmond, Va.


 ITEM # B238             Confederate Whitworth Sharpshooter Bullet. This one looks to have been fired
                                  and still continues to hold a nice shape. Recovered from Port Hudson, La.


 ITEM # B237                         69  Raleigh Labs  or also known as the Carcano in nice dug
                                            condition. Note the mold shift on this bullet. This one was
                                            recovered from Varina, near Richmond, Va.


 ITEM # B236                      56 Spencer Carbine in good dug condition. Bullet was recovered
                                          from an 1864-65 federal cavalry camp near Hopewell, Va.
                                          This is an original cartridge ( not reconstructed ).


 ITEM # B235                              3 Ring Bullet. Bullet was loaded upside-down in the
                                                rifle and then pulled. You can clearly see the worm-screw 
                                                hole in the base of the bullet. Recovered from New Market,Va.


 ITEM # B234                               Williams Cleaner Set. Type 1,2 & 3 bullets all in good dug
                                                 condition recovered from New Market, Va. Set will be
                                                 shipped in a Riker Display Case.


 ITEM # B233                                         50 Caliber Smith Carbine. Nice dropped bullet.
                                                         Recovered from New Market, Va.


 ITEM # B232   
             Reconstructed 69 Caliber Buck & Ball. Recovered from Berkeley Plantation.


 ITEM # B231                   69 & 56 Caliber Raleigh Labs ( Carcano ) bullets that have been extracted
                                      from the rifle. You can clearly see the worm screw holes in the tops of the
                                      bullets. Recovered near Richmond, Va.


 ITEM # B230                                        Fifteen 69 Cal Three Ring Bullets. Dug Central Va.


 ITEM # B227                             Georgia Troops Teat Base Bullet. Recovered from New Kent, Va.
                                                Nice 58 Caliber Bullet.


 ITEM # B226 
                                   44 Caliber Confederate Colt. Nice dropped condition.
                                                     Recovered near Richmond, Va.


 ITEM # B225
                                             15 Confederate 2 Ring Gardners. Recovered from the
                                                           Richmond, Va area.  All in good dropped condition.


 ITEM # B224                            70 Cal Rifle Musket. Great condition and may be non-dug.
                                              Nice large bullet.


 ITEM # B220                                               54 Cal C.S.Rifle.  ( Salvaged Lead ) .
                                                                Recovered from Central Va.


 ITEM # B217                              35 Williams Type 3 cleaner bullets in good dropped condition
                                                recovered from the Richmond and Petersburg area.


 ITEM # B216                69 Caliber  Buck and Ball. Interesting Cartridge. Scarce in this Blue Paper which
                                    was widely used to assemble Cleaner Bullets and to prevent them from being
                                    mixed with other rounds. This is seldom encountered. Excellent condition.


 ITEM # B215                       52 Caliber Sharps Carbine Linen Cartridge. Good condition bullet.


 ITEM #B214                                  54 Caliber Confederate 2 Ring Gardner. Dropped bullet 
                                                  recovered along Lee's retreat in Amelia Co, Va.


 ITEM # B212                                            Remington Tear Drop. Excellent dropped condition.
                                                         Recovered from Richmond, Va.


 ITEM # B209                   Confederate Richmond Labs Sharps. Also known as the High Wall Sharps.
                                       This was one of the most popular rounds sported by the cavalry.
                                       Recovered from Chesterfield Co, Va.


 ITEM # B208                       56/56 Spencer Carbine Bullet. This bullet is in nice non-dug condition.


 ITEM # B206                            Merrill Carbine. This one is unlisted in McKee & Mason.
                                              Bullet is quite short compared to the listed examples.
                                              Measures  .545 - .745   Non-dug condition.


 ITEM # B204                      52 Caliber Federal Sharps Carbine. Bullet still has a portion of the
                                           Linen Cartridge and is in excellent  NON-DUG  condition.
                                           $20.00                                                                       M&M 43


 ITEM # B200                                 Henry Repeating Rifle Cartridge. This one was recovered
                                                 from the same camp as the Spencer below. This is an 
                                                 original cartridge ( Not Reconstruction ).


 ITEM # B197                      51 Caliber Maynard ( Blunt Nose ) Carbine. Scarce non-dug condition.


 ITEM # B192                           69 Cal. ( Carcano ) or Raleigh Labs Bullet. Excellent condition
                                             bullet recovered from the Richmond, Va area.
                                             $50.00                                       M&M 199


 ITEM # B191                                Confederate 69 Belgian. Nice condition bullet recovered 
                                                 from Drewrys Bluff, Va. 
                                                 $35.00                                      M&M 318


 ITEM # B169                        55 Caliber Confederate Merrill also known as the Morse Carbine.
                                          Excellent condition bullet recovered from Amelia Co, Va.
                                          $45.00                                                  M&M 67


 ITEM # B161                            70 Caliber 3 Ring Prussian Machine made for rifled musket.
                                                  Excellent condition bullet associated with the Ohio troops.
                                                  $20.00                                      M&M 339


 ITEM # B134                                    71 Caliber Austrian Rifled Musket. Nice large bullet.
                                                    $20.00                                                        M&M 314


ITEM # B133                                     69 Caliber French Dragoon Triangle Base Variant.
                                                   $20.00                                                     M&M 264


 ITEM # B130                        69 Caliber Prussian Machine Ring variant. Excellent condition bullet.
                                          These are believed to be associated with the Ohio troops.
                                          $25.00                                                           M&M 288


 ITEM # B121                          69 Tower for rifle musket. Nice condition Tower bullet.
                                            Recovered from Southeastern, Va.
                                            $30.00                                                          M&M 215


 ITEM # B110                     Rare 65cal Hanovarian. Very scarce and hard to get bullet.
                                        Verbal provenance of Manassas, Va.
                                        $100.00                                                                  M&M 63


 ITEM # B108                         C.S. 69 Caliber Gardner. Very nice condition bullet.
                                            Recovered from Drewry's Bluff, Va.
                                            $125.00                                            M&M 168

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