The Powhatan Station
                          Civil War Relics


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 ITEM #B214                                  54 Caliber Confederate 2 Ring Gardner. Dropped bullet 
                                                  recovered along Lee's retreat in Amelia Co, Va.


 ITEM # B213                                58 Caliber Confederate 2 Ring Gardner. Nice condition
                                                 dropped bullet. Dug along Lee's retreat in Amelia, Va.


 ITEM # B212                                            Remington Tear Drop. Excellent dropped condition.
                                                         Recovered from Richmond, Va.


 ITEM # B211                                            3 Piece Shaler. Bullet is in nice dropped condition and
                                                           is one of the harder styles to find. Dug in Culpepper, Va.
                                                           $125.00                                                      M&M 519


 ITEM # B209                   Confederate Richmond Labs Sharps. Also known as the High Wall Sharps.
                                       This was one of the most popular rounds sported by the cavalry.
                                       Recovered from Chesterfield Co, Va.


 ITEM # B208                       56/56 Spencer Carbine Bullet. This bullet is in nice non-dug condition.


 ITEM # B207                            .435 Deane & Adams for Revolver. Bullet only with felt wad.
                                              Reference : Civil War Projectiles II   McKee & Mason, Jr.
                                              Cartridges, Page 87   #91.


 ITEM # B206                            Merrill Carbine. This one is unlisted in McKee & Mason.
                                              Bullet is quite small compared to the listed examples.
                                              Measures  .545 - .745   Non-dug condition.


 ITEM # B204                      52 Caliber Federal Sharps Carbine. Bullet still has a portion of the
                                           Linen Cartridge and is in excellent  NON-DUG  condition.
                                           $20.00                                                                       M&M 43


 ITEM # B200                                 Henry Repeating Rifle Cartridge. This one was recovered
                                                 from the same camp as the Spencer below. This is an 
                                                 original cartridge ( Not Reconstruction ).


 ITEM # B199                            Spencer Carbine Bullet. Very nice condition bullet recovered from
                                            an 1864 - 65 Federal Cavalry Camp near Hopewell, Va. This is
                                            an original cartridge ( Not Reconstruction ).


 ITEM # B198                39 Caliber Picket. Hard to get and rarely seen  in this non-dug condition
                                      $40.00                                                                            M&M # 36


 ITEM # B197                      51 Caliber Maynard ( Blunt Nose ) Carbine. Scarce non-dug condition.


 ITEM # B195                     Rare Confederate 56 Caliber Sharps Slant Breech Carbine.
                                           Excellent non-dug condition on this scarce bullet.
                                           $150.00                                                                 M&M # 46


 ITEM # B192                           69 Cal. ( Carcano ) or Raleigh Labs Bullet. Excellent condition
                                             bullet recovered from the Richmond, Va area.
                                             $50.00                                       M&M 199


 ITEM # B191                                Confederate 69 Belgian. Nice condition bullet recovered 
                                                 from Drewrys Bluff, Va. 
                                                 $35.00                                      M&M 318


 ITEM # B169                        55 Caliber Confederate Merrill also known as the Morse Carbine.
                                          Excellent condition bullet recovered from Amelia Co, Va.
                                          $45.00                                                  M&M 67


 ITEM # B166                           69 Caliber for rifle musket. Dug in Charles City, Va.
                                                 $7.00                                                M&M 328


 ITEM # B164                            69 Caliber three ring bullet. Recovered from New Kent, Va.
                                              $8.00                                                          M&M 313


 ITEM # B161                            70 Caliber 3 Ring Prussian Machine made for rifled musket.
                                                  Excellent condition bullet associated with the Ohio troops.
                                                  $20.00                                      M&M 339


 ITEM # B158                    U.S. 69 Caliber Rifled Musket in nice dropped condition.
                                          Recovered from Charles City, Va.
                                          $8.00                                                              M&M 447


 ITEM # B152                    Side Cast 69 Caliber Rifled Musket. Recovered from Charles City, Va.
                                        $7.00                                                                          M&M 327


 ITEM # B144                                 Shaler variant. Nice condition 3 piece Shaler bullet. This
                                                 one was recovered together from Culpepper, Va.
                                                 Very nice example.
                                                 Sold                                                           M&M 520


 ITEM # B134                                    71 Caliber Austrian Rifled Musket. Nice large bullet.
                                                    $20.00                                                        M&M 314


ITEM # B133                                     69 Caliber French Dragoon Triangle Base Variant.
                                                   $20.00                                                     M&M 264


 ITEM # B130                        69 Caliber Prussian Machine Ring variant. Excellent condition bullet.
                                          These are believed to be associated with the Ohio troops.
                                          $25.00                                                           M&M 288


 ITEM # B121                          69 Tower for rifle musket. Nice condition Tower bullet.
                                            Recovered from Southeastern, Va.
                                            $30.00                                                          M&M 215


 ITEM # B110                     Rare 65cal Hanovarian. Very scarce and hard to get bullet.
                                        Verbal provenance of Manassas, Va.
                                        $145.00                                                                  M&M 63


 ITEM # B108                         C.S. 69 Caliber Gardner. Very nice condition bullet.
                                            Recovered from Drewry's Bluff, Va.
                                            $125.00                                            M&M 168

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