CIVIL WAR RELICS

Dug Relics

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 ITEM # DR295                Bullet in Wood. 3 Ring Rifle Bullet in Heart Pine. Wood measures 7" in
                                      length. Recovered from the Wilderness Battlefield (Private Property).
                                      This will make a nice display piece.


 ITEM # DR294                        Colts Pocket Flask. 1849 Colts flask in excellent working 
                                              condition. Produced by James Dixon and Sons, Sheffield.


 ITEM # DR293                  U.S. Model 1859 Horse Bridle Bit. This one appears to be a barn find or
                                        early Battlefield pickup and is in very fine condition. Nice black-green
                                        patina on the bosses with excellent metal through-out and bares the
                                        makers name A. Barclay. Alexander Barclay produced Bits and Spurs
                                        from 1842 until 1860.


 ITEM # DR292                      Excavated Cavalry ( Fat Lady ) Curry Comb. This one is in
                                            nice condition and still has the manufacturers brass seal
                                            which is most often missing. Recovered from Northern, Va.
                                            Seal reads ( I.Carpenter,  New York.  #102 over the
                                            Federal Eagle and Warranted below ).


 ITEM # DR291                         Grouping of items recovered from a camp and trash pit of 
                                                 the 5th Corps Line located in Petersburg, Va. July, 1864.
                                                 Consisting of a 58 Caliber Bayonet, Fork, Infantry Button
                                                 with shank, Portion of Cartridge Cap Box with Finial and
                                                 Pipe Bowl all in good condition.


 ITEM # DR290                     Cannon Primer. This one was dug near Confederate
                                           Battery Brooks on the James in Chesterfield Co, Va.


 ITEM # DR289                        11 1/2  Inch Seat saddle shield in very nice dug condition.
                                               This is a large size shield recovered from North Anna, Va.


 ITEM # DR287                                Clover Heel Plate. This is one of the harder patterns 
                                                       to find. Recovered from Amelia Co, Va.


 ITEM # DR285                    Carbine Sling Buckle and Belt tip. Buckle has some ground action
                                           but is a good condition piece. No breaks or repairs. Tip was not
                                           dug together but is a good match. Recovered by Tommy Smith
                                           in Charles City, Va.


 ITEM # DR284                              Blanket Roll Buckle. This one was recovered from Hanover, Va.
                                                   Nice dug artifact. This buckle has the Bulls eye pattern.
                                                   Buckle measures 2'' - 2 1/4''.


 ITEM # DR283                            Bullet Reference By W.Reid McKee and M.E.Mason,Jr.
                                                  Civil War Projectiles II. Small Arms & Field Artillery.


 ITEM # DR282                     Early Ornate Stirrup. Nice condition stirrup recovered from 
                                          King & Queen, Va. Most likely silvered at one time. 


 ITEM # DR281                 Nice condition Artillery Style Rosette recovered from Northern, Va. This
                                       is the lead filled style most likely confederate used. This one is missing 
                                       the attachment bar. Has a good amount of gold gilt. 


 ITEM # DR280                     Revolutionary War 6 pound shot. Purchased out of a Richmond Estate.
                                           This ball was sold as a Confederate shot but I do believe it is an early
                                           Rev War ball. The casting sprue on the ball is somewhat typical of the
                                           early shot. Excellent mold seem and condition. C.S. or Rev either way
                                           it is an excellent ball with great eye appeal.


 ITEM # DR278                 This is a heavy, thick cast Carbine Sling Buckle. I am told these are
                                        Confederate and also told Unmarked Allegheny Arsenal. I am not
                                        sure but do know it's not your standard Federal Issue. Excellent
                                        condition set dug near Fredericksburg, Va. The Cavalrymen would
                                        never be concerned with breaking this one. Nice dug patina.


 ITEM # DR273     
              Medical Syringe. Often used in the field this Pewter Syringe is
                                          in good condition and has a moving plunger. These are not
                                          very often excavated. This one was dug in Petersburg, Va.
                                          Measures about 3 1/4'' in length


 ITEM # DR272                   Drum Tensioner.  This up-swept wing eagle is used on the
                                          Snare Drum. Recovered from Manassas, Va.



 ITEM # DR271               Cavalry Cross Sabers Insignia. Recovered from Brooke Station, Va.
                                      This Hardee Hat insignia was struck by the digger when dug and
                                      have been professionally repaired. These are becoming hard to 
                                      find even in repaired condition. This one is the large size and is
                                      a very nice pair.


 ITEM # DR270                      Confederate Saddle Shield. This is the unmarked version of 
                                            the style often embossed with CS. Nice dug condition.
                                            Shield measures 2'' = 1 1/2''.


 ITEM # DR269                 Confederate Georgia Pike. One of many recovered from the munition
                                         train captured and burned by the Union Army. They were to be issued
                                         as a last defense to arm the Public and Confederate Soldiers when the
                                         Union Army was invading South Carolina in 1865. These pikes were 
                                         also issued to the Confederate men during the siege of Petersburg, Va.
                                         These pikes are becoming harder to locate and seldom for purchase.
                                         Pike measures 19'' overall with a massive 12'' blade. This style is
                                         known as the Bridle Cutter in excellent excavated condition.
                                         This pike comes with the letter of authenticity from the digger.




 ITEM # DR268                       Confederate pack hook and floral button recovered from
                                             Jackson's winter camp at Clarks Mountain.


 ITEM # DR265                    Lead filled Artillery Bulls Eye Rosette. Excellent dug condition.
                                          This one still has the attachment bar and leather. Recovered 
                                          from Northern, Va.
                                          $50.00                                                     40mm


 ITEM # DR263                  Double Barrel Lock Assembly. Early shotgun most likely confederate
                                        used with both Hammers, Plates and Triggers. A very cool dug relic.
                                        Recovered from Georgia.


ITEM # DR261                       Federal Sword Hanger. Recovered near the Headquarters of
                                            Gen, George B. McClellan in New Kent, Va.


 ITEM # DR260                    Non-Dug Bullet Extractors. 1861 and 1816 bullet worms.


 ITEM # DR259                            Dug Mainspring Vise. These tools were issued to the
                                                  Infantry Sergeants. I am not sure of the dig location.


 ITEM # DR257                       12 lb Solid Shot. Good condition ball recovered from Richmond, Va.


 ITEM # DR251                             Grouping of artillery shot recovered from Petersburg, Va.


 ITEM # DR249                 Federal Eagle Shoulder Belt Plate. Nice looking plate with rust free hooks
                                       and full lead back. Back has been coated with polyurethane which seems
                                       to have been the norm with the early hunters. Recovered from the camps
                                       of Stafford, Va.


 ITEM # DR248                  C.S. Waist Belt Plate. Tennessee style plate recovered from Atlanta. Ga.
                                        Kerksis #293 in as dug condition. This is known as the spun hook style
                                        which is a rarer version of this buckle. The black enamel paint can still be
                                        seen through the dirt. The front hook has been partially broken off and
                                        most likely why discarded. A very nice C.S. Plate.


 ITEM # DR245                            Large Jews Harp. This one looks to be pewter construction
                                                 and still contains the wire which are most often missing.
                                                 Purchased out of a Northern Virginia collection.


 ITEM # DR244                  French Import 1831 Short Sword. Very scarce dug relic and seldom seen up 
                                         for purchase. This one was recovered from the Manassas Battlefield
                                         ( private property ). Great patina. Tag reads Manassas. Very nice artifact.


 ITEM # DR243                        1/9 Plate Ambro Type of a  U.S.Dragoon in full dress with his 
                                             Eagle Buckle and a fat Colt in his belt. Nice image. The case
                                             has minor scuffing around the edges and is in good
                                             condition with a solid clasp.



 ITEM # DR242                        Iron camp dug candle holder. Excellent example recovered from
                                             Manassas, Va. This one has been left as dug.


 ITEM # DR241                     Grouping of civil war period marbles. Early hand made and
                                          painted clay marbles. These items will make a nice 
                                          addition to the civil war collection.


 ITEM # DR240             U.S.Bridle Rosette. This bridle boss was recovered near Manassas, Va.
                                     Nice U.S. Cavalry artifact.


 ITEM # DR238               Shell Fragment, Federal Eagle Button & Bullet. All recovered from
                                       the Petersburg Battlefield, Va. ( Private Property ). All are in nice
                                       as dug condition. Shipped in a nice Riker case.


 ITEM # DR236               Official Military Atlas Of The Civil War. This is a must for the Historian
                                      or Metal Detectorist. 821 Maps, 106 Engravings, and 209 Drawings.
                                      A very large book at 16'' by 13''. This copy is in new condition.
                                      Maps and Info coincide with the Official Military Records by Series,
                                      Volume, and Page.


 ITEM # DR235                   Side Knife. This knife has a  6 1/2'' blade with an overall length 
                                          of 10''.  Recovered from a confederate camp in Manassas, Va.


 ITEM # DR233          Pair of Epaulettes ( Shoulder  Scales ) in good solid condition. Nice woods 
                                  dug patina. Recovered from a Union camp near New Kent C.H., Va.


 ITEM # DR232                S.N.Y. Belt Buckle. This buckle has a very nice patina. There is some 
                                       light edge flaking to one end. Recovered from Northern, Va.


ITEM # DR231                   Artillery Hammer. This piece was recovered from Berkley Plantation.
                                        This is the style with the 9'' shank.


 ITEM # DR229                     Federal Carbine Sling Swivel. Moves freely at all sections and is
                                           in good condition. Recovered from Northern, Va.


 ITEM # DR228                        U.S. Bridle Rosette. This style has the lead back.
                                                 Recovered from  Richmond, Va.
                                                 $30.00                                             30mm


 ITEM # DR227              Civilian lead filled rosette. I have dug many styles of these in 
                                       civil war camps and homesites. Most likely confederate used
                                       recovered from Northern, Va. This one has the attachment
                                       bar in place.
                                       $50.00                                                          45mm


 ITEM # DR225         Coin Silver I.D.Badge for Private John Good, H Co. 87th Pennsylvania Vol. Infantry.
                                  Recovered from the trenches of Petersburg, Va. Mr. Good enlisted  Sept 19, 1861
                                  in York Pennsylvania at the age of 19. Discharged Oct 14, 1864 for Expiration of
                                  term. Noted engagements for Mr. Good are Mine Run, Wilderness, Cold Harbor,
                                  Winchester, Petersburg, and others. If Mr.Good were here today he would surely
                                  have interesting stories to tell. The attachment pin is missing from the back.


 ITEM # DR222           Union and Confederate bayonet scabbard tips. Recovered from Manassas, Va.


 ITEM # DR221                 U.S Stud Hook Buckle. Fairly nice buckle recovered from Culpepper, Va.
                                       This one is marked Boyd and Sons Boston. A scarce buckle to find. 
                                       There are a few small defects on this one. A plow mark at 11:00 and
                                       two small freeze cracks. One on the dent and one at the bottom of
                                       the S. This is common on field dug plates. Nice lead back and front.


 ITEM # DR214                     Enfield Musket Lock. Recovered from ( Five Forks Battlefield Private Property)
                                          Dinwiddie, Va. A nice looking Enfield lock.


 ITEM # DR211                     Late war buckle hooks. These buckles were often melted out 
                                           by the confederates for field casting bullets.
                                           Recovered from Petersburg, Va.



 ITEM # DR210          Infantryman's Boot Heel Plate. These were worn by the Infantry soldiers.
                                   Recovered from Petersburg, Va.


 ITEM # DR206                  ( Baby )  U.S. Buckle. This buckle is in good overall condition and
                                         has one hook remaining. Recovered from Hanover, Va.


 ITEM # DR205                31 Caliber Pistol Mold. This brass pocket mold has a great dug patina and
                                       comes complete with bullet & ball. Recovered from Spotsylvania, Va.


 ITEM # DR198                   Tintype of a Federal Cavalryman seated with full accoutrements.
                                          The inner cloth is torn, hard case is in nice condition. 1/9 plate.


 ITEM # DR197                    Pewter Gun Flask. Early powder flask in nice condition
                                           with the flying geese motif. Flask measures 6" tall.


 ITEM # DR196              Entrenching or Camp Shovel. Hard to come by large item like 
                                      this anymore. Recovered from ( Camp Bartow ) West Virginia.


 ITEM # DR195            Double end candle holder. These holders were designed to be use vertical
                                    in the ground or could be driven into a wall, plank or tree to be used
                                    horizontal. The spike is missing on this one, most likely why discarded. A
                                    nice little relic. Tag reads Falmouth, Va.



 ITEM # DR170           Shoulder Belt Plate. Plate is in very nice condition and carries the mark of
                                   W.H.Smith Brooklen. Recovered from Eastern, Va. Plate has full lead
                                   back and both hooks.


 ITEM # DR167                          Small Broad Axe recovered from Chesterfield Co,Va.
                                               Measures  5" / 6"



 ITEM # DR163                      1/4 Plate tintype photo of a young union soldier. Wearing full accoutrements
                                           and gear. Notice the upside down U.S.Buckle he is wearing. Great tintype in
                                           great condition with a nice patriotic backdrop.



 ITEM # DR152            RARE Medium size fork tongue ( Wish Bone ) Buckle. This buckle has a
                                    green dug patina without defects or repairs. Rarer than the so called
                                    Baby Fork Tongue in my opinion. This one was recovered from
                                    Fredericksburg, Va. A must have for any collection.


 ITEM # DR139                  Austrian combination gun tool. Nice condition. Recovered from
                                        Wilderness Battlefield private property.


 ITEM # DR138                      Dug Tompion with excellent patina and has some of the cork
                                            remaining. Used to keep debris out of the barrel. Recovered
                                            from Wilderness Battlefield private property.


 ITEM # DR128                Cavalry Picket Pin. This pin is in super nice condition and is one of the best
                                       that I have seen. Early find with excellent metal. Dug near Murfreesboro,Tn


 ITEM # DR119                 20lb. U.S. Parrott Chilled Nose Bolt.This is a very nice Parrott Bolt.
                                       Recovered from the Battle of Kennesaw Mt,Ga. June 27 1864.
                                       Shell has been disarmed and cleaned.

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