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                          Civil War Relics

Dug Relics

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 ITEM # DR312                       State of New York.  S.N.Y. Buckle with a great looking patina,
                                             has a full lead back and all hooks. Buckle has some light 
                                             flaking to one end as can be seen in the photo along with
                                             light blistering to the back. All is intact and is a nice 
                                             looking Buckle. Dug in Northern, Va.


 ITEM # DR311                       C.S.Tongue. Richmond style tongue for a Two Piece C.S. Buckle.
                                             This one has a green-brown patina without defects or repairs. 
                                             Buckle was recovered near Richmond, Va.


 ITEM # DR310                            Jew's Harp. Pewter mouth harp in excellent condition and this
                                                one still has the wire which is most often missing. This one is
                                                about the largest that I have seen measuring  2 1/2 - 3 3/4''.



 ITEM # DR309                             Artillery Canister. Grouping of Canister Shot recovered from
                                                Petersburg, Va. Shot range from 15 to 39 mm.


 ITEM # DR308                            Lock Plate. This is an unusual one and is most likely off
                                                     a Confederate Shotgun. Nice condition with all internal
                                                     parts. This one was recovered from Chester Station, Va.
                                                     This small lock will look great with a Lock Plate display.
                                                     Lock measures  4 1/2'' - 2''.


 ITEM # DR307                                  Bullet in wood. Excellent example with the view of
                                                           three full rings wrapped in a Heart Pine Knot with
                                                           no distortion to the bullet. Recovered from the
                                                           Wilderness Battlefield ( Private Property ).
                                                           Wood measures about 3 1/2''.


 ITEM # DR306                                  Springfield bayonet in good condition with only a light
                                                      surface rust. Most likely an early pickup or barn find. 
                                                      It is complete and has a clear U.S. stamp.


 ITEM # DR305              Confederate Georgia Pike. Very nice dug Georgia pike from the Union
                                      captured train in South Carolina. These Pikes were to be issued to 
                                      the public and confederate soldiers during the Union invasion of
                                      South Carolina in 1865 as a last defense. It was captured and burned   
                                      By the Union Army. This one is in very nice condition and is 
                                      accompanied by a signed letter of authenticity from the digger. This
                                                 style is known as the Bridle Cutter and measures  19 inches overall
                                      with a massive 12 inch blade.




 ITEM # DR304                        U.S.Buckle. Nice buckle that has had the sides rolled under.
                                             All hooks and lead back are still remaining. Buckle was dug
                                             on the Peebles Farm in Dinwiddie Co, Va.


 ITEM # DR303               Federal Eagle Shoulder Belt Plate. Very Nice!. Plate has a dark chocolate brown
                                     patina with both hooks and no issues. Back has been treated with polyurethane
                                     which seems to be the norm with the early hunters. Dug in Stafford, Va.


 ITEM # DR302                          Cavalry Cross Sabers Insignia. Nice insignia with a dark brown
                                               patina. This one has no repairs and are hard to come by in this
                                               condition anymore.


 ITEM # DR299                    Cavalry Spur dug from an East Tennessee camp with the most
                                           beautiful dark green woods dug patina one can imagine. I am
                                           not familiar with this pattern and most likely brought into the 
                                           war by the Rebels. Excellent condition. Measures 3 1/2''- 4 1/2''.


 ITEM # DR298                            Dug Poncho Hook. Nice condition hook from the
                                                 Drewry's Bluff Battlefield ( Private Property )
                                                 These are becoming very hard to find anymore.


 ITEM # DR297                  Poncho Hook in excellent non-dug condition. Lots of gold on this one.


 ITEM # DR296               Coin Silver I.D. Badge. Recovered by Robert Goodwyn from Petersburg, Va.
                                      Pvt. John Good Co H 87th P.V.I.


 ITEM # DR294                        Colts Pocket Flask. 1849 Colts flask in excellent working 
                                               condition. Produced by James Dixon and Sons, Sheffield.


 ITEM # DR293                  U.S. Model 1859 Horse Bridle Bit. This one appears to be a barn find or
                                        early Battlefield pickup and is in very fine condition. Nice black-green
                                        patina on the bosses with excellent metal through-out and bares the
                                        makers name A. Barclay. Alexander Barclay produced Bits and Spurs
                                        from 1842 until 1860.


 ITEM # DR292                      Excavated Cavalry ( Fat Lady ) Curry Comb. This one is in
                                            nice condition and still has the manufacturers brass seal
                                            which is most often missing. Recovered from Northern, Va.
                                            Seal reads ( I.Carpenter,  New York.  #102 over the
                                            Federal Eagle and Warranted below ).


 ITEM # DR289                        11 1/2  Inch Seat saddle shield in very nice dug condition.
                                               This is a large size shield recovered from North Anna, Va.


 ITEM # DR285                    Carbine Sling Buckle and Belt tip. Buckle has some ground action
                                           but is a good condition piece. No breaks or repairs. Tip was not
                                           dug together but is a good match. Recovered by Tommy Smith
                                           in Charles City, Va.


 ITEM # DR282                     Early Ornate Stirrup. Nice condition stirrup recovered from 
                                          King & Queen, Va. Most likely silvered at one time. 


 ITEM # DR273     
              Medical Syringe. Often used in the field this Pewter Syringe is
                                          in good condition and has a moving plunger. These are not
                                          very often excavated. This one was dug in Petersburg, Va.
                                          Measures about 3 1/4'' in length


 ITEM # DR272                   Drum Tensioner.  This up-swept wing eagle is used on the
                                          Snare Drum. Recovered from Manassas, Va.



 ITEM # DR271               Cavalry Cross Sabers Insignia. Recovered from Brooke Station, Va.
                                      This Hardee Hat insignia was struck by the digger when dug and
                                      have been professionally repaired. These are becoming hard to 
                                      find even in repaired condition. This one is the large size and is
                                      a very nice pair.


 ITEM # DR270                      Confederate Saddle Shield. This is the unmarked version of 
                                            the style often embossed with CS. Nice dug condition.
                                            Shield measures 2'' = 1 1/2''.


 ITEM # DR263                  Double Barrel Lock Assembly. Early shotgun most likely confederate
                                        used with both Hammers, Plates and Triggers. A very cool dug relic.
                                        Recovered from Georgia.


 ITEM # DR260                              Non-Dug Bullet Extractors. 1861 and 1816 bullet worms.


 ITEM # DR241                            Grouping of civil war period marbles. Early hand made and
                                                painted clay marbles. These items will make a nice 
                                                addition to the civil war collection.


 ITEM # DR240             U.S.Bridle Rosette. This bridle boss was recovered near Manassas, Va.
                                     Nice U.S. Cavalry artifact.


 ITEM # DR233          Pair of Epaulettes ( Shoulder  Scales ) in good solid condition. Nice woods 
                                  dug patina. Recovered from a Union camp near New Kent C.H., Va.


 ITEM # DR228                        U.S. Bridle Rosette. This style has the lead back.
                                                 Recovered from  Richmond, Va.
                                                 $35.00                                             30mm


 ITEM # DR206                  ( Baby )  U.S. Buckle. This buckle is in good overall condition and
                                         has one hook remaining. Recovered from Hanover, Va.


 ITEM # DR152            RARE Medium size fork tongue ( Wish Bone ) Buckle. This buckle has a
                                    green dug patina without defects or repairs. Rarer than the so called
                                    Baby Fork Tongue in my opinion. This one was recovered from
                                    Fredericksburg, Va. A must have for any collection.

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