ITEM # B13                           40 Cal. Picket or Country Rifle. Good condition bullet recovered near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # B69                                        100 Dropped 52 Cal. Federal Sharps Carbine Bullets. Bullets pictured

                                                            are the ones you will receive. Dug in South Eastern Va.


ITEM # B74                                              U.S. 56 Cal. Colt Revolving Rifle. Great bullet recovered near

                                                                  White House Landing, Va.


ITEM # B9                                         Confederate 54 Cal. ( Tie Ring Sharps ) Bullet. Nice bullet.

                                                           Recovered from the Drewry's Bluff Battlefield.

                                                           $10.00                                        Hold                    M&M # 188


ITEM # B77                                               Dug 52 Cal. Confederate Enfield Rifle Bullet. Nice bullet

                                                                   recovered by Lee Jackson near Sayler's Creek, Va.


ITEM # B32                                         Confederate 56 Cal. Plug Base ( Salvaged Lead ) Bullet. Great 

                                                              looking bullet. Early East coast Collection.


ITEM # B102                                   36 Cal. U.S. ( Slanting Breech ) Sharps  by Gomez & Mills.

                                                         Great looking Multi Groove bullet. Dug Pilot Knob, Mo.


ITEM # B51                                      52 Cal. Spencer Carbine Cartridge. Recovered from an 1864 - 65

                                                          Federal Calvary Camp near Hopewell, Va. This one has a freeze

                                                          crack on one side but is in fair and stable condition.


ITEM # B88                                      1855  58 Cal. Williams  Pistol Carbine. Great looking bullet

                                                          dug near Colonial Heights, Va.

                                                          $10.00                                                           M&M # 352   

      ITEM # B46                        58 Cal. Williams Type 2 Cleaner. Good looking bullet recovered from New Kent, Va.

                                                  $10.00                                                                                                      M&M # 538

ITEM # B84                                      Confederate 69Cal. ( Teat Base ) Bullet. Good condition bullet

                                                          recovered from Charles City, Va.

                                                          Sold                                                                          M&M # 324

ITEM # B67                                          100 Dropped Williams Type 3 Cleaner Bullets. Bullets pictured are

                                                               the ones you will receive. Recovered  Eastern, Va.



ITEM # B61                                         54 Cal. Confederate Rifle Bullet. Nice dug bullet with deep plug cavity.

                                                             These are sometimes dug with the Wood Plug intact. Recovered

                                                             from New Kent Co, Va.


ITEM # B7                                                       Confederate  69 Cal. 'French Dragoon' Rifle Bullet.

                                                                         $20.00                                                       M&M # 264                            

ITEM # B27                            '' Chess Piece " Neat looking 3 Ring bullet carved into a Game Piece.

                                                Games such as Chess and Checkers were great Past Times for camp

                                                life. Dug near ( Savage Station, ) Va. By Lester Roberts.


ITEM # B53                                               Original 58 Cal. Paper Cartridge .Nice condition cartridge.


ITEM # B24                            54 Cal. Confederate Two Ring Gardner. Recovered near Fredricksburg, Va.


ITEM # B56                                  58 Cal. Williams Type III Cleaner. Nice bullet recovered near Hatcher's Run, Va.

                                                      Sold                                                                                             M&M # 540

ITEM # B21                                        U.S. Shaler Three Piece. Bullet has a small plow mark to the top.

                                                            Recovered from Culpeper, Va.


   ITEM # B15                                          Bottom section to the 3 Piece Shaler Bullet. Nice dug

                                                                 condition. Recovered near Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # B66                                         100 Shot & Damaged Mixed Bullets. Bullets pictured are the ones

                                                              you will receive. Recovered  South Eastern, Va.


ITEM # B87                                          69 Cal. U.S. / C.S. Musket. Skirt is a little out of round but

                                                               a nice bullet. Dug in Charles City, Va.

                                                               Sold                                                                   M&M # 327                      

ITEM # B81                                           U.S./ C.S. 69 Cal. Rifle Musket. Early 69 Musket Round in great

                                                               shape. Dug in Northern,Va.

                                                               Sold                                                                         M&M #328

ITEM # B34                                          54 Cal.  Burnside ( Dish Base ) Bullet. Much scarcer bullet

                                                              than the Flat Base Variant. Recovered New Kent, Va.

                                                              $10.00                                                            M&M # 119

ITEM # B16                                           58 Cal.  Washington Arsenal ( Star Base ) Three Ring Bullet.

                                                               Recovered from Amelia Co, Va.


ITEM # B73                                      Confederate ( Tie Ring ) Sharps Carbine. 54Cal. in good condition.

                                                           This one was dug near  The 1st Battle of Drewry's Bluff.


ITEM # B38                                    C.S. 54 Cal. Picket for Country Rifle. Great looking bullet with

                                                         casting and sprue marks visible. Dug in Dinwiddie Co, Va.

                                                         $20.00                                                                            M&M  # 12

ITEM # B29                                    69 Cal.Round Ball. Recovered near Charles City Court House.

                                                         These early Ball Shot were phased out towards the wars end.


ITEM # B100                                     46 Cal. U.S. ( Slanting Breech ) Sharps. Nice dug condition

                                                           from Pilot Knob, Mo. Camp of the 47th Mo Inf.

                                                           $45.00                                                                   M&M #194

ITEM # B30                                 50 Cal. U.S. Starr Carbine. Recovered near New Kent Court House, Va.

                                                     $8.00                                                                                     M&M # 53

ITEM # B54                                                44 Cal. Starr Revolver Bullet. Excellent dug condition.

                                                                    $35.00                                                          M&M # 54                                  

ITEM # B96                                 Carved Carbine Bullet. This one has been carved into a game piece.

                                                      Not sure if this is a Confederate or Yankee carbine but is in nice

                                                      shape and every knife swipe can be seen. Dug in Dinwiddie, Va.


ITEM # B45                                          52 Cal. Federal ' Teat Base ' Sharps Carbine Bullet. Don't

                                                              see this one very often. Dug from Petersburg, Va.


ITEM # B49                                            ' L'  Base Mark Enfield Rifle Bullet. Great looking bullet.


ITEM # B47                                  57 ' Base Mark'' Enfield Bullet. This one still has the (  Box Wood  ) plug.

                                                     Recovered from Hanover, Va.


ITEM # B35                                             36 Cal. Navy Revolver Bullet by Richmond Labs.

                                                                 Recovered  Savage Station, Va.

                                                                 Sold                                                               M&M # 97

ITEM # B26                                                 25 Dropped condition Enfield Bullets recovered from the

                                                                      Richmond, Va & Petersburg, Va areas. Assorted calibers

                                                                      and sizes.



ITEM # B64                                                    44 Cal. Colt. This one has a partial Skin Cartridge.

                                                                         Recovered from New Kent Co, Va.     

                                                                         $10.00                        Hold   

ITEM # B19                                 31. Cal Colt Revolver. Great bullet  from the Battle of ' Drewry's Bluff ' Va.

                                                     $6.00                                 Hold                                                     M&M # 503

ITEM # B101                                  44 Cal. U.S. (  Slanting Breech ) Sharps . Great bullet dug in

                                                        the camp of the 47th Mo. Inf. Pilot Knob, Mo.

                                                        $45.00                                                               M&M #197     

ITEM # B63                                          58 Cal. Cartridge for the U.S.Musket. This one is really nice.


ITEM # B1                                            69 Caliber Raleigh Arsenal Bullet  in good dug condition.

                                                              Bullet was recovered near Richmond, Va.

                                                             $40.00                                                               M&M # 199

ITEM # B60                                            Pair of ' Wormed ' Confederate Carcano Bullets. 56 & 69 Cal. bullets

                                                                pulled from the rifle. Wet powder charge is most likely the cause.

                                                                Bullets were recovered near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # B2                                                     69 Caliber Gardner. Nice bullet without defects.

                                                                       Recovered from Drewry's Bluff, Va.

                                                                       $125.00                                                                 M&M # 168

ITEM # B43                                            577. Cal. Georgia Troops ' Teat Base "Bullet. Great looking

                                                                 bullet recovered near North Anna, Va.

                                                                 Sold                                                                M&M # 391                       

ITEM # B93                                    Grouping of Mushroomed bullets. Recovered Southeastern, Va.


ITEM # B11                                            69 Cal. 'Prussian' Machine Turned Bullet. This is a variant

                                                                 to several styles of this bullet. Good dug condition.

                                                                 $25.00                                                                   M&M # 562         

ITEM # B42                                        54 Cal. Georgia Troops ' Teat Base'  Bullet. These are much scarcer

                                                            than the 577 Cal. variant. Recovered near North Anna, Va.

                                                            Sold                                                                       M&M # 413

ITEM # B65                                           100 Dropped 3 Ring Bullets. Bullets pictured are the ones you will

                                                               receive. Recovered  South Eastern, Va.

                                                               $150.00                                                                    More In Stock

ITEM # B57                                                      Non-Excavated 54 Cal. Burnside Carbine Cartridge. Cartridge has a

                                                                          nice aged patina. Likely out of a Cartridge Box.


ITEM # B37                                           58 Cal. Georgia Troops ( Teat Base ) Bullet. Good condition 

                                                               bullet recovered from  Dinwiddie Co, Va.   

                                                               $15.00                                                                  M&M # 391                                       

ITEM # B33                                     U.S. 56 Cal. Merrill Carbine. Great example in ( Non-Dug ) condition.

                                                         Early East Coast Collection.



ITEM # B36                                             31 Cal. Confederate Double End ( Single Shot ) Pistol Bullet.

                                                                 Nice looking bullet with mold sprue still attached. M&M 166

                                                                 variant. Dug near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # B18                                    52 Cal. Spencer Carbine Cartridge. Original cartridge in good shape

                                                        recovered  near Ayllet, Va. This one has a really nice look.


ITEM # B72                                            Confederate 69 Cal. King of the Georgia Troops Bullets.

                                                                Nice condition with ( Teat ) Base. Dug in New Kent, Va.

                                                                $100.00                                                                  M&M 320

ITEM # B23                                      Type 1,2 & 3 Williams Cleaner Bullet Set. All in good dug condition, all

                                                          recovered from New Market, Va. Shipped in a Riker case for display.


ITEM # B5                                               Rare 65 Caliber Hanovarian. Scarce and hard to get bullet.

                                                                 Verbal provenance of Manassas, Va. 

                                                                 $95.00                                                                         M&M # 63           

ITEM # B44                                         577. Cal Georgia Troops ' Teat Base ' Bullet.  This one  has

                                                             the clipped nose. Dug near Hatcher's Run, Va.                                                                                                                                            $10.00                                                         M&M # 391

ITEM # B82                                       Confederate 69 Cal Gardner Bullet. This one is really nice.

                                                            White & Grey Patina, smooth.

                                                            $125.00                                                                M&M #168                                                                                     

ITEM # B89                                        Confederate 69 Cal. Two Ring Gardner Bullet. This one has

                                                             a defect to one side and has been priced accordingly. This

                                                             is a scarce Early War bullet. Dug in New Kent, Va.

                                                             Sold                                                                         M&M # 168

ITEM # B70                                            100 Dropped 69 Cal. Round Balls. Bullets pictured are the ones

                                                                you will receive. Recovered from South Eastern, Va.


ITEM # B8                                            69 Cal 'Prussian Machine Ring' variant.  These bullets are

                                                              believed to be associated with the Ohio Troops.

                                                              $25.00                                                                M&M # 288                                     

ITEM # B52                                              Original 58 Cal. Paper Cartridge. Nice condition cartridge.


ITEM # B83                                                    44 Cal. Confederate Colt. Nice dug bullet.

                                                                        $12.00                           Hold

ITEM # B40                                   69 Cal. Blue Paper Buck-N-Ball Paper Cartridge. These cartridges are 'scarce'.

                                                        This Blue Paper was normally used for the Williams Cleaner type

                                                        cartridges in an attempt to be kept separate from the other rounds.

                                                        I have seen very few of these in many years. This one is out of an

                                                        early East Coast Bullet Collection and in excellent condition.


ITEM # B58                                                  577 Cal. Enfield Rifle Bullets. Nice condition bullets with there

                                                                       ( Boxwood ) plugs in place. Recovered near Hatcher's Run, Va.


ITEM # B25                                       577 Cal. Confederate Two Ring Gardner.  Recovered near

                                                            fredericksburg, Va.

                                                            Sold                                                                     M&M # 176

ITEM # B55                                               36 Cal. Starr Revolver Bullet. Scarce bullet in great dug condition.


ITEM # B22                                     Reconstructed  69 Cal.  Buck & Ball. Recovered from Culpeper Co, Va.


ITEM # B71                                                 100 Shot & Damaged Round Balls. Assorted calibers. Balls

                                                                      pictured are the ones you will receive. Recovered from

                                                                      South Eastern, Va.


ITEM # B20                                58 Cal. Sharps Carbine. I believe this is a variant to the Federal example.

                                                    Bullet was dug in a C.S.Camp in Varina Co, Va.


ITEM # B79                                          Dug U.S. 58cal. Rifle Bullet with 6 Point Swaged Cavity. Fair

                                                              condition bullet dug in New Kent, Va                                      

                                                              $5.00                                       Hold

ITEM # B80                                  44 Cal. U.S. Colt Revolving Rifle Bullet. Tall pattern in great dug condition .

                                                      Recovered from New Kent, Va.

                                                      $15.00                                                  Hold                               M&M #80                              

ITEM # B85                                            Confederate 69Cal. ( Teat Base ) Bullet. Dug in

                                                                Charles City, Va.

                                                                $15.00                                 Hold                        M&M # 324

ITEM # B6                                             50 Cal. U.S. Gallagher Carbine Bullet. Fair condition bullet.

                                                                $15.00                                Hold                         M&M # 442


ITEM # B98                                  36 Cal. Remington  ( Teardrop ) Pistol Bullet. Great dug condition.

                                                      Dug in camp of 47th Mo, Inf. Pilot Knob Missouri.

                                                      $10.00                                                                               M&M #99

ITEM # B12                                                  69 Cal. 'French Dragoon' Rifle Bullet. This bullet is a

                                                                      variant to several styles. Good dropped condition.

                                                                      $25.00                                                             M&M # 264                     

ITEM # B62                                        Grouping of Cartridges. Consisting of 1 56Cal. Spencer Carbine and

                                                            2 44Cal. Henry Repeating Rifle Cartridges. All have damage but are

                                                            solid and can be handled. All dug in an 1864-65 Federal Cavalry

                                                            Camp near Hopewell, Va.


ITEM # B10                                              69 Cal. 'Belgian' Bullet. Nice condition bullet recovered

                                                                   from Drewry's Bluff, Va. Bullet has a slight flat side

                                                                   but good condition.

                                                                   $15.00                                   Hold                     M&M # 318

ITEM # B78                                        Dug U.S. 58Cal. Rifle Bullet with 5 Point Swaged Cavity. Nice clean

                                                            bullet dug in New Kent, Va. These bullets were machine turned.

                                                            $10.00                                                                          M&M 343                                             

ITEM # B76                                       577 Cal. Enfield Bullet. This one has a large Worm Hole to the nose

                                                           and a nice ( 57 ) Base mark. Dug in New Kent, Va.


ITEM # B95                                         54 Cal. Confederate Merrill Carbine Bullet.This one

                                                             is in great dug condition.

                                                             $45.00                                                       M&M # 67


ITEM # B90                                   577 Cal. C.S. Nose Cast or ( Cap Nose ) Three Ring Bullet.

                                                       Great condition. Dug in New Kent, Va.


ITEM # B41                              69 Cal. Tower Enfield Bullet. Good condition bullet dug near Drewry's Bluff, Va.

                                                   This one has a small casting flaw to the top. Bullet would have likely been a

                                                   (  Blow Thru ) when fired.

                                                   $15.00                                                Hold                                                M&M # 215


                                                                                    Click Photo To Enlarge


ITEM # B99                                    Carved Bullet. Chess piece fashioned  from a Williams Type 3

                                                        Cleaner bullet. Dog in Henrico, Va by Lester Roberts.


ITEM # B86                                          69 Cal. Bullet for the U.S. Musket. Good condition dug in

                                                              Charles City, Va.    

                                                              $8.00                                                           M&M # 447                 

ITEM # B39                                 Confederate 54 Gauge Kerr Revolver Bullet. Bullet has a small

                                                      blister to one side. Recovered from Charles City, Va.

                                                      Sold                                                                             M&M # 124            

ITEM # B59                                             Pair of ' Wormed ' Round Balls. 44 & 69 Cal. balls most likely

                                                                 pulled from the weapon due to a wet powder charge. Both

                                                                 recovered near New Kent Court House, Va.


ITEM # B75                                              Confederate 69 Cal. Gardner. Really nice bullet dug in

                                                                  Henrico Co, Va. Action of the ( Seven Day's Battles ).

                                                                  $90.00                                                          M&M 168

   ITEM # B14                                                  71 Cal. Austrian Rifled Musket. Nice large bullet.

                                                                         Sold                                                       M&M # 314                                   

ITEM # B94                              50 Cal. C.S. Raleigh  Arsenal  ( Wilkinson Pattern ) Bullet. Much

                                                  harder to get than the 54 Cal. variant. Dug Southeastern, Va.

                                                  Bullet appears to be fired but holds a nice shape. Scarce !!

                                                  $25.00                                                                       M&M # 105


ITEM # B48                                           Enfield Rifle Bullet. This one still has the ' Box Wood ' plug.

                                                               Recovered near Richmond, Va.


                                                           Powhatan Station Relics  

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ITEM # B92                             54 Cal. C.S. Richmond Labs ( High Base ) Sharps Carbine. Bullet was

                                                 carried and used by the Confederate Cavalry. Dug in

                                                 Charles City, Va.

                                                 Sold                                                                              M&M # 464                                                    

ITEM # B17                                          70 Cal. Three Ring Prussian Machine Made for Rifle Musket.

                                                              Good dropped bullet associated with the Ohio Troops.

                                                              $20.00                                                                    M&M # 339

ITEM # B31                                    Dug 36Cal. U.S.Savage Navy Revolver Bullet. Nice condition bullet.

                                                        Recovered from New Kent, Va.

                                                        Sold                                                                                  M&M # 126

ITEM # B28                                        25 Confederate Gardner Bullets in dropped condition recovered

                                                            from the Richmond, Va & Petersburg, Va areas.


ITEM # B91                                 44 Cal. Henry Repeating Rifle Bullet. This one is a little ratty

                                                     but authentic. Recovered from Dinwiddie Co, Va.


ITEM # B68                                      Bullet Cache.  168 Bullets from an Ammunition Crate left behind during 

                                                          the Battle of Bentonville, NC. The excavating site contained Bullets dark

                                                          soil and decayed wood splinters. These would have been cartridges.

                                                          They have a darker then normal patina with powder residue and a green

                                                          tint. I believe the tint likely came from the decaying crate and cartridge

                                                          paper. Bullets have been left as dug. Bullets can be purchased as a lot or

                                                          separate. Lot contains Williams Cleaners and a few 3 Ring Bullets.

                                                          $1.50 Each

ITEM # B50                                   577 Cal. Recut Mold Three Ring Bullet. Recovered near Richmond, Va.