Powhatan Station Relics  

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   ITEM # B14                                       71 Cal. Austrian Rifled Musket. Nice large bullet.

                                                               $20.00                                                       M&M # 314                                   

ITEM # B52                                              Original 58 Cal. Paper Cartridge. Nice condition cartridge.


ITEM # B41                                                   69 Cal. Tower Enfield Bullet. Good condition bullet

                                                                       recovered near Drewry's Bluff, Va.

                                                                       Sold                                                 M&M # 215

ITEM # B54                                                44 Cal. Starr Revolver Bullet. Excellent dug condition.

                                                                    $35.00                                                          M&M # 54                                  

ITEM # B59                                             Pair of ' Wormed ' Round Balls. 44 & 69 Cal. balls most likely

                                                                 pulled from the weapon due to a wet powder charge. Both

                                                                 recovered near New Kent Court House, Va.


ITEM # B57                                                      Non-Excavated 54 Cal. Burnside Carbine Cartridge. Cartridge has a

                                                                          nice aged patina. Likely out of a Cartridge Box.


ITEM # B37                                           58 Cal. Georgia Troops Teat Base Bullet. Good condition 

                                                               bullet recovered from  Dinwiddie Co, Va.   

                                                              $15.00                                                              M&M # 391                                       

ITEM # B12                                      69 Cal. 'French Dragoon' Rifle Bullet. This bullet is a

                                                           variant to several styles. Good dropped condition.

                                                          $25.00                                                             M&M # 264                     

ITEM # B10                                       69 Cal. 'Belgian' Bullet. Nice condition bullet recovered

                                                            from Drewry's Bluff, Va.

                                                            $35.00                                  Sold                      M&M # 318

ITEM # B17                                     70 Cal. Three Ring Prussian Machine Made for Rifle Musket.

                                                          Good dropped bullet associated with the Ohio Troops.

                                                          $20.00                                                                    M&M # 339

ITEM # B62                                        Grouping of Cartridges. Consisting of 1 56Cal. Spencer Carbine and

                                                            2 44Cal. Henry Repeating Rifle Cartridges. All have damage but are

                                                            solid and can be handled. All dug in an 1864-65 Federal Cavalry

                                                            Camp near Hopewell, Va.


ITEM # B19                              44 Cal. Henry Repeating Rifle Cartridge. Original cartridge recovered

                                                   from an 1864-65 Federal Cavalry camp near Hopewell, Va.


ITEM # B55                                               36 Cal. Starr Revolver Bullet. Scarce bullet in great dug condition.


ITEM # B22                                 Reconstructed  69 Cal.  Buck & Ball. Recovered from Culpeper Co, Va.



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ITEM # B40                                   69 Cal. Blue Paper Buck-N-Ball Paper Cartridge. These cartridges are 'scarce'.

                                                        This Blue Paper was normally used for the Williams Cleaner type

                                                        cartridges in an attempt to be kept separate from the other rounds.

                                                        I have seen very few of these in many years. This one is out of an

                                                        early East Coast Bullet Collection and in excellent condition.


ITEM # B5                                     Rare 65 Caliber Hanovarian. Scarce and hard to get bullet.

                                                       Verbal provenance of Manassas, Va. 

                                                       $95.00                                                                         M&M # 63           

ITEM # B8                                         69 Cal 'Prussian Machine Ring' variant.  These bullets are

                                                            believed to be associated with the Ohio Troops.

                                                            $25.00                                                                M&M # 288                                     

ITEM # B34                                          54 Cal.  Burnside ( Dish Base ) Bullet. Much scarcer bullet

                                                              than the Flat Base Variant. Recovered Fredericksburg, Va.

                                                              $10.00                                                                   M&M # 119

ITEM # B39                                 Confederate 54 Gauge Kerr Revolver Bullet. Bullet has a small

                                                      blister to one side. Recovered from Charles City, Va.

                                                      $10.00                                                                          M&M # 124            

ITEM # B44                                         577. Cal Georgia Troops ' Teat Base ' Bullet. This one

                                                             was recovered from New Market, Va.

                                                             $18.00                                                            M&M # 391

ITEM # B33                                     U.S. 56 Cal. Merrill Carbine. Great example in ( Non-Dug ) condition.

                                                         Early East Coast Collection.



ITEM # B36                                             31 Cal. Confederate Double End ( Single Shot ) Pistol Bullet.

                                                                 Nice looking bullet with mold sprue still attached. M&M 166

                                                                 variant. Dug near Richmond, Va.


   ITEM # B13                           40 Cal. Picket or Country Rifle. Good condition bullet recovered near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # B9                                         Confederate 54 Cal. ( Ringtail Sharps ) Bullet. Nice bullet.

                                                           Recovered from the Drewry's Bluff Battlefield.

                                                            $10.00                                  Sold                       M&M # 188


ITEM # B47                                  57 ' Base Mark'' Enfield Bullet. Bullet appears to have been fired.

                                                     Recovered near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # B35                                             36 Cal. Navy Revolver Bullet by Richmond Labs.

                                                                 Recovered  Savage Station, Va.

                                                                 $35.00                                  Sold              M&M # 97

ITEM # B18                              52 Cal. Spencer Carbine Cartridge. Original cartridge in good shape

                                                   recovered from a 1864-65 Federal Cavalry camp near Hopewell, Va.


ITEM # B11                                     69 Cal. 'Prussian' Machine Turned Bullet. This is a variant

                                                          to several styles of this bullet. Good dug condition.

                                                          $25.00                                                                   M&M # 562         

ITEM # B16                                   58 Cal.  Washington Arsenal ( Star Base ) Three Ring Bullet.

                                                       Recovered from Amelia Co, Va.


ITEM # B30                                   Interesting Bullet Here. French Galand, for hand reloadable cartridges. Bullet

                                                       appears to be about 44 Cal. Early East Coast Collection. Non-Dug Bullet.


ITEM # B38                                    C.S. 54 Cal. Picket for Country Rifle. Great looking bullet with

                                                         casting and sprue marks visible. Dug in Dinwiddie Co, Va.

                                                         $20.00                                                                            M&M  # 12

ITEM # B6                                           Dug U.S. 'Machine  Turned' Rifle Bullet  54 Cal.

                                                             Recovered from New Market, Va.

                                                             $6.00                                                   M&M # 410                              

ITEM # B58                                                  577 Cal. Enfield Rifle Bullets. Nice condition bullets with there

                                                                       ( Boxwood ) plugs in place. Recovered near Hatcher's Run, Va.


ITEM # B29                                    69 Cal.Round Ball. Recovered near Charles City Court House.

                                                         These early Ball Shot were phased out towards the wars end.


ITEM # B63                                          58 Cal. Cartridge for the U.S.Musket. This one is really nice.


ITEM # B42                                        54 Cal. Georgia Troops ' Teat Base'  Bullet. These are much scarcer

                                                            than the 577 Cal. variant. Recovered near North Anna, Va.

                                                            $20.00                                                            M&M # 413

ITEM # B32                                         Confederate 56 Cal. Plug Base ( Salvaged Lead ) Bullet. Great 

                                                              looking bullet. Early East coast Collection.


ITEM # B51                                      52 Cal. Spencer Carbine Cartridge. Recovered from an 1864 - 65

                                                          Federal Calvary Camp near Hopewell, Va. This one has a freeze

                                                          crack on one side but is in fair and stable condition.


      ITEM # B46                        58 Cal. Williams Type 2 Cleaner. Good looking bullet recovered from New Market, Va.


ITEM # B61                                         54 Cal. Confederate Rifle Bullet. Nice dug bullet with deep plug cavity.

                                                             These are sometimes dug with the Wood Plug intact. Recovered

                                                             from New Kent Co, Va.


ITEM # B7                                          69 Cal. 'French Dragoon' Rifle Bullet.

                                                             $20.00                                                           M&M # 264                            

ITEM # B27                                               25 Dropped condition Williams Type 3 Cleaner Bullets.

                                                                   Recovered from the Richmond & Petersburg, Va. area.


ITEM # B53                                               Original 58 Cal. Paper Cartridge .Nice condition cartridge.


ITEM # B24                         54 Cal. Confederate Two Ring Gardner. Dug near the Battle of Hatcher's Run, Va.


ITEM # B56                                     58 Cal. Williams Type III Cleaner. Nice bullet recovered near Hatcher's Run, Va.

                                                         $5.00                                                                                                          M&M # 540

ITEM # B21                                     U.S. Shaler Three Piece. Bullet has a small plow mark to the top.

                                                         Recovered from Culpeper, Va.


   ITEM # B15                                36 Cal. Remington Tear Drop Bullet. Dug near Richmond, Va.

                                                        $7.00                                                                        M&M # 99

ITEM # B28                                        25 Confederate Gardner Bullets in dropped condition recovered

                                                            from the Richmond, Va & Petersburg, Va areas.


ITEM # B1                                     69 Caliber Raleigh Arsenal Bullet  in good dug condition.

                                                       Bullet was recovered near Richmond, Va.

                                                       $45.00                                                                       M&M # 199

ITEM # B60                                            Pair of ' Wormed ' Confederate Carcano Bullets. 56 & 69 Cal. bullets

                                                                pulled from the rifle. Wet powder charge is most likely the cause.

                                                                Bullets were recovered near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # B50                                   577 Cal. Recut Mold Three Ring Bullet. Recovered near Richmond, Va. 


ITEM # B26                                                 25 Dropped condition Enfield Bullets recovered from the

                                                                      Richmond, Va & Petersburg, Va areas. Assorted calibers

                                                                      and sizes.



ITEM # B23                                   Type 1,2 & 3 Williams Cleaner Bullet Set. All in good dug condition, all

                                                        recovered from New Market, Va. Shipped in a Riker case for display.


ITEM # B25                                       577 Cal. Confederate Two Ring Gardner. Dug near the Battle

                                                           of Hatcher's Run, Va.  This one has a small Blob Top.

                                                           $10.00                                                                   M&M # 176

ITEM # B2                                          69 Caliber Gardner. Nice bullet without defects.

                                                            Recovered from Drewry's Bluff, Va.

                                                            $125.00                                                                 M&M # 168

ITEM # B43                                            577. Cal. Georgia Troops ' Teat Base "Bullet. Great looking

                                                                 bullet recovered near North Anna, Va.

                                                                 $20.00                                  Sold                        M&M # 391                       

ITEM # B45                                          52 Cal. Federal ' Teat Base ' Sharps Carbine Bullet. Don't

                                                              see this one very often. Dug from Petersburg, Va.


ITEM # B49                                            ' L'  Base Mark Enfield Rifle Bullet. Great looking bullet.


ITEM # B48                                           Enfield Rifle Bullet. This one still has the ' Box Wood ' plug.

                                                               Recovered near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # B31                                    52 Cal. Sharps Linen Cartridge. Bullet is in great Non-Dug condition and

                                                        still retains a portion of the Linen Cartridge. Early East Coast Collection.


ITEM # B20                                56 Cal. Sharps Carbine. I believe this is a variant to the Federal example.

                                                    Bullet was dug in a C.S.Camp in Varina Co, Va.