ITEM # CC6                                            Counter Stamped Large Cent. Date is not legible.

                                                                ( E. ALLE  NORFOT ). Recovered from Dinwiddie, Va.   


ITEM # CC11                                                1851 Large Cent in good dug condition. Recovered

                                                                       from Midlothian Coal Mines, Va.


ITEM # CC3                                              1852 3 Cent Silver Piece. Fair condition coin with

                                                                   legible date. Dug in Chesterfield Co, Va.


ITEM # CC9                                  1794 Large Cent. A very scarce coin in any condition.



ITEM # CC5                                            1852 3 Cent Silver Piece. Good condition coin

                                                                 recovered from Chesterfield Co, Va.


                                                           Powhatan Station Relics  

                                                                                    Specializing In Dug Civil War Relics                                                                                                      804-598-6991                                                                                                      804-382-2598

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ITEM # CC7                               1864 T-65  $100 Bill. Featuring Lucy Pickens & Confederate Soldier.

                                                    Note has fair borders and light circulation.  Note has some staining

                                                    to the back. Overall nice condition.


ITEM # CC2                                            Spanish Cut Silver. Great detail. Recovered from 

                                                                 an early home site in Hanover Co, Va. Nice coin !


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ITEM # CC10                                1864 Indian Head Cent. Good condition cent with nice detail. Coin

                                                       has had minimal cleaning. Dug near Dinwiddie Court house, Va.


ITEM # CC8                                1864 $10 Bill. This one features the ' Horse Drawn Cannon '.

                                                     Uneven borders and staining. Fair note.


ITEM # CC1                                           Silver Spanish Cob. Good dug condition, recovered

                                                               near Richmond, Va.    


ITEM # CC4                                              1841 Seated Liberty Half Dime. Nice condition

                                                                   coin dug in Chesterfield Co, Va.