ITEM # DR68                                        Federal Cavalry Bridle Rosette. Nice dug condition with lead back.

                                                               This one was dug in a Railroad Camp near Trevilian Station, Va.


ITEM # DR64                                      U.S. Buckle Hooks. These are the arrow hook variant and are

                                                             in nice dug condition. They are often dug in C.S. camps and

                                                             are often the result of melting out plates for lead to field cast

                                                             bullets when ammunition is low. Unfortunately these were

                                                             dug in a Federal Camp near Fredericksburg, Va.     Neat Relic !


ITEM # DR3                                Schenkl Percussion Fuse. Fuse has nice threads, small dent on flange.

                                                     Recovered from Chesterfield Co, Va.



ITEM # DR43                                     Dug Colt Revolver Nipple Wrench. Fair dug condition.

                                                            This will look great displayed with a dug Revolver.

                                                            Recovered from Berkeley Plantation, Va.


ITEM # DR11                              Richmond Arsenal C.S. Sword Belt Wreath. Great looking wreath without                                                                                defects or repairs. Recovered from Dinwiddie Co, Va.


ITEM # DR52                        1858 Smooth Side Canteen. Nice looking canteen with chain & stopper.

                                               Canteen has some light service dings with missing strap and cover.

                                               Overall great condition.


 Dug Relics

                                                                        Click Photo To Enlarge 


ITEM # DR13                                 U.S. 1859 Horse Bridle Bit. This one appears to be an early Battlefield

                                                        pick-up and is in very fine condition. Nice patina on the bosses with

                                                        excellent metal throughout and bares the makers name. A. Barclay.

                                                        Alexander Barclay produced Bits & Spurs from 1842 until 1860.


ITEM # DR60                                       Lock and Hammer assembly for the U.S.New Model Sharps Carbine.

                                                              Scarce Lockplate. Recovered  west of Petersburg, Va.


     ITEM # DR69                                     U.S. C.S. ' Clip Point '  Bowie. Large blade with the look of being

                                                                 Blacksmith made. Knife measures near 15" overall with a  9 1/2"

                                                                 blade. Brass cross piece with an ornate style design. Bowie was

                                                                 excavated from Winchester, Va.  



ITEM # DR62                            Grouping of items dug in ( Trash Pits ) along the lines occupied by the

                                                    U.S. VI Corps during the siege of  Petersburg, Va. Items consist of

                                                    one Fork, Eagle Infanrty Button, Pipe Bowl & Portion of Cap Box.


ITEM # DR50                                                    Nice group of exploded Schenkl Shell Pieces.

                                                                           Excavated from Bermuda Hundred, Va.


ITEM # DR54                              U.S. C.S. Cavalry Spur variant. Great looking spur with a really nice

                                                      woods dug dark green patina. Recovered from East Tennessee.


ITEM # DR37                                  U.S. Belt plate. Small size or ( Baby  U.S. ) in good dug condition.

                                                        Buckle is missing one hook but overall nice shape. Recovered in

                                                        an 1864 camp at Bermuda Hundred, Va.


ITEM # DR49                                    U.S.Colt 44 Cal. Revolver Pocket Mold. Nice mold with sprue cutter

                                                           in place. Iron construction, comes complete with Bullet and

                                                           Ball. Mold is unmarked. These large caliber molds are scarce.



ITEM # DRI7                                 Large size Forked Tongue  'Wish Bone'  Buckle.  As dug, dirt covered

                                                       buckle with great eye appeal.  No breaks, or repairs. Nice C.S.

                                                       buckle. Recovered near Middle, Tennessee.



ITEM # DR15                                 C.S. Snake Buckle. British import by ' Isaacs Campbell ' of London.                                                                               Smuggled through the Blockade for Confederate usage. Verbal

                                                        provenance  of near Spring Hill, TN. Buckle does have some

                                                        ground action. Dug complete with no repairs.



ITEM # DR36                                  Hotchkiss Brass Fuse Adapter for Case Shot Shells. Great

                                                         fuse with perfect threads. Dug in Dinwiddie Co, Va.



ITEM # DR46                              Schenkl Combination fuse. Great looking fuse dug and complete.

                                                     Nice addition to your dug Schenkl Shell or Artillery display.


ITEM # DR42                                       U.C.V. Confederate Reunion Medal. ( Macon Ga. ) 1912.

                                                              This one is missing the top bar.


ITEM # DR32                                Eagle Shoulder Belt Plate. Good looking plate with chocolate brown

                                                       patina, both hooks and no issues. The back has been coated with

                                                       polyurethane which seems to have been the norm with early hunters.

                                                       Dug in Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # DR41                                1859 Artillery Bridle Bit in great dug condition. This one has been

                                                       cut down an altered into a Short Bit. Likely done by a southern

                                                       trooper of the Confederate Cavalry. Dug near Brandy Station, Va.


ITEM # DR8                                        Regulation Company Letter 'E'. Nice dug condition without

                                                             breaks, bends or repairs. Recovered near Brooke Station.


ITEM # DR26                                       U.S.Cartridge Box Plate. Good looking plate with smooth

                                                              face , full lead back and both hooks. There is a very slight 

                                                              curve on the left end. Recovered from Charles City, Va.


ITEM # DR24                                     Federal Cavalry Spur. I have seen these spurs altered into many

                                                            different objects. This one appears to have been worked into a

                                                            (  Pot Hook ) and was broken in the process . Both pieces were

                                                            dug in the same camp near Hopewell, Va.

                                                            $35.00                                       HOLD

ITEM # DR65                                          Brass Soldier's Wedding Band. This band was recovered from a

                                                                 New York ' Camp near New Kent Court House, Va.



ITEM # DR39                                       Federal Poncho Hook or Cape Clasp. Nice dug condition

                                                              and still retains it's iron hook. It is becoming very scarce

                                                              to dig these like this anymore. Dug at Drewry's Bluff, Va.



ITEM # DR71                                  Artillery Cannon Primer. These neat little item's were used to fire

                                                         a cannon. Recovered near ( Parker's Battery )  Chesterfield, Va.  


ITEM # DR40                                   Large size ( Heart ) Boot Heel Plate. Nice dug condition and stippled.


ITEM # DR30                                    Belt Adjuster. These brass adjuster's were used with the

                                                           M-1851 Sword Belt Plates. There purpose was loosening

                                                           and  tightening the belt. Excavated Chesterfield, Va.


ITEM # DR31                             Candle Stick Holder. These holders would have been pushed into

                                                    the ground or driven into wood for lighting up a soldier's tent.

                                                    Much needed for camp life. Recovered near Antietam, Maryland.



ITEM # DR2                               Federal Picket Pin. Good dug condition with minimal pitting to the metal.

                                                    This is the style with the fixed ring that will not move down the pin.

                                                    Recovered near Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # DR67                                    Engineer Dividers. This is one you don't see often and are in great

                                                           dug condition. Recovered near Brooke Station, Va.


ITEM # DR57                           58 Cal. Springfield or Contract Musket Bayonet. Early pickup or barn find.

                                                  Bayonet has a very light rust look and still contains the Lock Ring & Screw.

                                                  Great condition. Out of a Northern Va, Estate.


ITEM # DR44                                     Federal Cavalry U.S. Bridle Rosette. Fair example Rosette with lead

                                                            back and nice dug patina. Recovered near Trevilian Station, Va.

                                                            $25.00                                       HOLD


ITEM # DR61                                          Parrott Time Fuse Adapter With Flange. Great condition.


ITEM # DR70                                      Large " Artillery " Style Bridle Rosette. Floral type with lead

                                                             filled back. Attachment pin is missing. Dug Northern, Va.



ITEM # DR48                                 U.S. / C.S. Cavalry Stirrup. Ornate design and great dug condition.

                                                        Recovered near King & Queen Courthouse, Va.


ITEM # DR23                                     Confederate Copper Time Fuse Adapter for Rifled Projectiles.

                                                            Great condition. Excavated from Bermuda Hundred, Va.



ITEM # DR1                                           Spur Pieces. Two confederate spur legs one being from the

                                                                Richmond Arsenal Spur and portion of an early Colonial

                                                                style spur. All excavated by Bruce Deem near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # DR53                                               Early Rosette. Nice dug condition. Recovered

                                                                      from Hanover Co, Va.



   ITEM # DR51                                   Confederate Saddle Shield. This is the style often found embossed 

                                                             with the letters C.S. This one is unmarked. Recovered near the

                                                             Battle of Hatcher's Run. Dinwiddie Co, Va.  Measures 2'' = 1 1/2''.


                                                           Powhatan Station Relics  

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                                                                                                Site Update -1/22/2019    

ITEM # DR66                                     Pad Lock. Early lock in really nice condition. I have dug several of

                                                            these over the years but most not in this nice of condition. Very

                                                            light iron build-up and relatively smooth. Recovered from a

                                                            Federal Camp in New Kent Co, Va.


ITEM # DR47                                      Confederate Time Fuse Adapter For Rifled Projectile .

                                                             This one has a scratch down the threads but will not

                                                             interfere with inserting it into a shell . Nice Fuse !


ITEM # DR59                           Early Sportsman style Rosette. This one appears to have an Antelope Bust

                                                  on the front with lead field back and staple in place. Lots of silver wash.

                                                  Recovered from North Anna, Va.