ITEM # N18                             Early 1900s Reunion Photo of Captain Thomas W. Rice's Artillery Battery.

                                                  " Rice's Battery Tennessee Light Artillery ". Great Photo ready for framing.

                                                  Photo measures  9 3/4" = 8''.


ITEM # N65                                   Lock Plate. Small size Lock and Hammer likely off of a Side by Side Shotgun

                                                       or possibly an early Pistol. Lock measures  4 1/2'' in length. This would make

                                                       a nice addition to a dug Lock & Hammer display. Dug near Chester Station, Va.


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ITEM # N40                            Confederate Cavalry Stirrup. Brass construction and in excellent dug

                                                 condition. This one was left behind by one of N.B.Forrest's Cavalry

                                                 troopers at Brice's Crossroads.


ITEM # NI26                     '' C.S. Fighting Knife.'' Great looking Bone Handle Bowie in dug condition.

                                           Knife has had light restoration to the Bone Handle to prevent movement

                                           and is solid and sturdy. Bowie measures 15'' overall with a 9''  ' Clip Point '

                                           Blade. Knife still retains it's Cross Guard & Ferrule.  Verbal provenance is

                                           recovered in the 1970s near Locust Grove, Va.


ITEM # N43                                            North Carolina Militia Coat Button. I will let this one do

                                                                 the talking. Recovered from Shenandoah, Va.  2005

                                                                 $150.00                                                                    23mm

ITEM # N75                                                U.C.V Badge.  1906 New Orleans. Nice condition badge, missing pin.


ITEM # N57                                           North Carolina Militia Coat Button. Great eye appeal with lots of

                                                                silver wash and no monkey business. Dug in Fredericksburg, Va. 

                                                                $175.00                                                                              23mm

ITEM # N3                               1864  Naval  Watercap Fuse  with ' N.Y ' Stamp. Uncommon fuse.

                                                  Have found little info on this fuse and am unsure of the stamp.

                                                  This stamp may represent  ' New York '  or ' Navy Yard ' I am not

                                                  certain  but is a much scarcer example of this 1864 dated fuse.

                                                  Fuse has a small push to the top flange but nice condition.



ITEM # N62                                    Triple Marked Pistol Cartridge Box. Box has some flaking to the outer cover

                                                         but leather remains very pliable with tight stitching and rivets. This one is

                                                         marked ( J.Davy & Co Newark, N.J.  T.J.Shepard and U.S. ) Nice Box.


ITEM # N66                                     58 Cal. Socket Bayonet. This one has been cut down for maybe

                                                          a digging tool or some other device. Just not sure. Dug in

                                                           the Winchester, Va area.


ITEM # N13                                  Ames Artillery Short Sword Dated 1835.  This one has been altered

                                                       into a 15" Side Knife. The blade cut at 9'' has a great feel and

                                                       balance. This trooper surely had the baddest blade in camp.

                                                      Condition is excellent. What a piece for the weapons display.


ITEM # N42                                     Large photo of Jesse D. Hall's family house with him and his wife

                                                          standing under the big oak tree at his Tennessee home. Jesse D.

                                                          Hall fought in the 7th Cavalry with Nathan Bedford Forrest. This

                                                          will make a nice addition to the relic room wall and is ready

                                                          for framing. Photo measures 12'' = 14''.



ITEM # N70                                                  Eagle Shoulder Belt Plate. Great looking plate with solid back

                                                                       and hooks. Early recovery from Malvern Hill, Va.


ITEM # N69                                                   50 Coat and cuff Flat or Coin buttons recovered from

                                                                        the Richmond and Petersburg areas. All have shanks.


ITEM # N38                                 Bullet in Wood. Great looking Mushroomed Three Ring Bullet in

                                                      Heart Pine Wood. Recovered from the Battle of Bentonville, NC.


ITEM # N44                                     (  Field Artillery Projectiles Of The American Civil War  )

                                                                  1993 Edition  by Tom Dickey & Peter George

                                                                                          The Artillery Bible

                                                                           Book is in used but great condition



ITEM # N23                              Warman's Civil War Weapons by Graham Smith. 250 + pages

                                                   of Photo's & Information on weapons of the civil war. Book

                                                    is in excellent condition.

                                                    $30.00    Reduced    $20.00

ITEM # N63                                       Artillery Cannon Primer. These neat little item's were used to fire

                                                            a cannon. Recovered near ( Parker's Battery )  Chesterfield, Va.  


ITEM # N76                                                             U.C.V. Reunion Badge. Houston Texas 1920. Nice condition.


ITEM # N64                                  Single Shot Pistol Barrel. Early dig from near Winchester, Va. Octagon

                                                       Barrel and strong metal with very little pitting. Appears to be about

                                                       31 Caliber with what looks like a Coin Silver front sight. Barrel measures

                                                       8 1/2'' in length


ITEM # N48                                 Snake Portion to an English Snake Buckle. I believe most of these

                                                      were imports for confederate usage but are known to have been

                                                      used by both armies. This one shows signs of heavy wear and is

                                                      the Single Head with scales pattern throughout. Nice condition.


ITEM # N5                                              Reunion   Forrest's Cavalry Corps. Memphis,Tenn. 1901.

                                                                A pair of item's recovered from an old trunk of an estate

                                                                purchased by Reed Jackson. Consisting of a 1901

                                                                Forrest Cavalry Corps paper and a 1901 Confederate Reunion

                                                                Program from Memphis, Tenn. Framed and appears to be

                                                                in great condition.


ITEM # N16                            Federal Picket Pin. Good dug condition with minimal pitting to the metal.

                                                 This is the style with the fixed ring that will not move down the pin.

                                                 Recovered near Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N56                                        Confederate Artillery Coat Button. Another great condition button

                                                             with nice eye appeal, defect free and no repairs. Button was

                                                             recovered from Caroline Co, Va in the 1960's.

                                                             $175.00                                                                        23mm

ITEM # N34                                  Dug ( Fat Lady ) Curry Comb. This one is in good dug condition  and

                                                       still has the manufacturers brass seal intact.   Seal reads

                                                       ( I.Carpenter, New York. #102 over the Eagle and Warranted below ).

                                                       Dug in Northern, Va.


ITEM # N45                     1/6 Plate  Ambro Type of what appears to be a U.S. Dragoon or Artilleryman in

                                          Uniform with  Shoulder Scales, Eagle Buckle and a Fat Colt in His Belt. One

                                          bad looking cat.  All appear to be in Good to Very Good condition.



ITEM # N14                                  Dug Cartridge Box Tin. This is in good dug condition with strong

                                                      metal and would be a nice complement to a weathered box.

                                                      Dug near Winchester, Va.


ITEM # N80                                                      U.C.V. Badge. Birmingham 1916, 25th Reunion. Great condition.


ITEM # N49                                     Brass Bormann Fuse Underplug. Good dug condition. Recovered

                                                          near North Anna, Va. Plug has clean threads.


ITEM # N74                                          Confederate Artillery Coat Button. Button was dug missing the Iron back. It

                                                               has been restored and is a good original Confederate button for the price.

                                                               Recovered near Petersburg, Va.

                                                               $40.00                                                                                                             23mm

ITEM # N33                                        Dug portion of the 1859 U.S. Bridle Bit. The U.S. Rosette

                                                             remains intact. Recovered near Winchester, Va.


 ITEM # N39                                      1812  Officer's  Artillery. Button is in outstanding condition without defects

                                                            or repairs of any kind. Coat size button and dug with shank. Sweet !!

                                                            Recovered from Trader's Hill.

                                                            $145.00                                                                                   22mm

ITEM # N79                                                           U.C.V. Badge. Atlanta, Ga. 1919. Badge displays  Gen. J.B.Gordon

                                                                                on Horse. Great condition.



ITEM # N52                                   Star & Crescent Cape Pin. Great looking Pin with chain measuring

                                                       10 1/2''. Verbal provenance of North Anna, Va.


ITEM # N15                                        Musket Tompion. Used to keep debris out of the Rifle Barrel.

                                                             Recovered from Charles City, Va.


ITEM # N1                                U.S. / C.S. Side Knife. Nice looking Side Knife in dug condition. The

                                                   metal is strong and stable with even pitting. Knife is a spear point

                                                   blade measuring about  10 1/4 " overall with a 8" blade. Knife may

                                                   have had a (cross guard ) but is missing. Dug near Locust Grove, Va.


ITEM # N72                                          Confederate " Baby  Wishbone "  Frame Buckle. Scarce buckle, and great

                                                               dug patina. Recovered from a C.S. Infantry Camp in New Kent Co, Va.

                                                               No breaks or repairs


          ITEM # N29                                        1/4 Plate Tin Type of a young Union Soldier with Musket,

                                                                       Kepi and Belts. Photo has a nice Patriotic back drop.



ITEM # N59                                        A.V.C. Militia Coat Button. Great condition with lots of gold wash. Problem                                                              free button with the scarce mark of ( Jas. Corning / Mobile ). James Conning

                                                             produced buttons from 1860 - 1861. This example has the misspelled Die

                                                             that reads (  Corning ). Great example and Southern Made.

                                                             $995.00                                                                                      21mm

    ITEM # N28                  Starr Model 1858 Double Action Revolver.  Original grips with inspector marks,

                                           smooth working action and overall nice condition  with a few minor dings from

                                           service. Numbers do not match with the cylinder being of an earlier production

                                           # of 14424. Great Civil War Revolver and priced right .

                                           $995.00     Reduced     $895.00                    

ITEM # N50                                                     Lead ' field made ' Musket Nipple Protector.

                                                                          Recovered from North Anna, Va.


ITEM # N71                                                   Scissor style pocket pistol ball mold. Mold is in relic condition

                                                                        and appears to be about 44 Cal. Dug near Winchester, Va.

                                                                        Mold comes complete with ball.


ITEM # N51                                   Springfield Musket Lock Plate. Nice condition Lock & Hammer

                                                        recovered off the Richmond Road in Amelia Co, Va.

                                                        Plate has been cleaned and coated ready for display. 

                                                        $55.00                                         Hold

ITEM # N32                                   Federal Cavalry Spur. I have seen these spurs altered into many

                                                        different objects. This one appears to have been worked into a

                                                        (  Pot Hook ) and was broken in the process . Both pieces were

                                                        dug in the same camp near Hopewell, Va.


ITEM # N67                                               Springfield or Contract Musket Lock & Hammer Assembly.

                                                                    Good looking Rifle Lock Plate in solid condition. This one

                                                                    was dug near Charles City Court House, Va.


ITEM # N60                                       Medical Syringe. This is one you don't see often. This one has

                                                            some light damage but scarce to come by. Recovered near

                                                            the River Road Supply Depot, Colonial Heights, Va. Syringe

                                                            measures about 3" in length.


ITEM # N36                                     U.S. C.S. Side Knife.  Blacksmith made side knife with hardwood

                                                          handle and brass ferrule. Rasp teeth are still visible in the blade. 

                                                          Knife is clean and likely an attic recovery.

                                                          Measuring 12'' overall with a 7'' blade.


ITEM # N78                               Maryland Militia Coat button. Great button with the scarce * Canfield. Bro & Co. Baltimore *.

                                                    back mark. This button was crimped off center during production and has some slight

                                                    movement between the face and back. This is common with some manufacturers. Button

                                                    is solid and very hard to get.

                                                    $400.00                                                                                                                      23mm


ITEM # N35                             1851 Federal Sword Belt Plate. Good looking plate with a nice touch

                                                  of Silver Wreath highlight to give it the look. I recovered this plate

                                                  in the spring of 2016 near Powhatan Court House, Va.

                                                  $300.00                                        Hold                                    

ITEM # N24                              Pair of Artillery style Rosettes recovered near the ( East Battlefield

                                                   Gettysburg PA ) in 1968. Nice condition with lead filled backs and

                                                    still have the staples in place. Out of a Northern, Va Estate.



ITEM # N17                     C.D.V.  Lieutenant Dan C. Jones  of  Captain Thomas W. Rice's Light Artillery Battery.

                                          also know as  ' Rice's Battery '  Tennessee Light Artillery under  Nathan B. Forrest.

                                          Gebhardt & Co. Memphis, Tenn.   Great condition. Card measures  6 1/2'' =  4 1/2''.


ITEM # N68                                            Early Leather Shot Bag.  This one is in fair condition. Not quite sure

                                                                 when this bag will date but may have gone off to war with the 

                                                                 Family  Squirrel Rifle. Bag still contains lead shot.


ITEM # N53                                         Lock and Hammer assembly for the New Model Sharps Carbine.

                                                              Scarce Lockplate. Recovered  west of Petersburg, Va.


ITEM # N46                             White Metal Parrott Percussion Fuse. This one is in great condition.


     ITEM # N22                                 This One Screams Confederate. Large dug ' Clip Point '  Bowie.

                                                          Large clip point  blade with the look of being Blacksmith made.

                                                          Knife measures near 15" overall with a  9 1/2" blade.  Brass

                                                          cross piece with an ornate style design. Bowie was recovered

                                                          from Winchester, Va.  



ITEM # N73                                             Confederate " Medium  Wishbone " Frame Buckle. Another scarce

                                                                  buckle and equally as rare as the Baby Frame. No defects or repairs

                                                                  of any kind. Recovered from Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N37                             Pistol Powder Horn. Good condition Horn with hand carved stopper.

                                                  Many young confederates went off to war with these Horns.


ITEM # N77                                                          U.C.V. Reunion Medal. Macon Georgia 1912. Great condition.


ITEM # N11                                    Carbine Lock Hammer. Not quite sure which rifle this one is

                                                         from but note the offset on the hammer. It surely appears

                                                          to belong on a ( Carbine Rifle ). Recovered near

                                                          Locust Grove, Va.


ITEM # N27                                            Farmers' and Mechanics' Almanac for 1863

                                                          Good condition, the paper is pliable without flaking.

                                                                 Does contain a few small edge folds.



ITEM # N9                        Confederate Sheet Brass ( Clip Corner ) Belt Plate. Good condition plate

                                          with light cleaning. This one had the 'Bar & Frog' style hooks as can be

                                          seen in the example at right. Recovered near Fort Huger, Va.



ITEM # N54                                            69 Cal. Socket Bayonet. Great looking bayonet with very light

                                                                 pitting and rust to the metal. Likely an early battlefield pickup

                                                                 or barn recovery. Out of a Northern, Va Estate.



ITEM # N10                            31. Caliber Pistol Ball Pocket Mold. Early construction mold that I am

                                                certain will predate the Civil War and may be as early as 1812.

                                                Likely a barn recovery. Purchased out of an estate near the Valley.


          ITEM # N20                                  * Southern Cross Of Honor * Great condition with a nice aged

                                                                 patina. Badge is unmarked. Attachment pin remains in place.


ITEM # N2                                           U.S. Artillery Hat Insignia. Excellent Example and dug.

                                                             This is the large pair of Cross Cannons and you surly

                                                             won't find them nicer. Recovered near Corinth, Miss.


ITEM # N55                                  U.S. / C.S. Cavalry Stirrup. This one has great metal and is in super nice

                                                       condition. It has been cleaned and coated. Dug in Winchester, Va.



ITEM # N41                             U.S. / C.S.  Artillery Hammer. This is the short handle variant measuring

                                                  8 1/2'' overall and the style mostly dug in confederate sites. Nice condition

                                                  with moderate signs of use. Recovered near Trevilian Station, Va.


ITEM # N58                                          Confederate Infantry Script 'I' Button. Sweet example without repairs

                                                               of any kind. This is the small Kepi size button. Recovered from

                                                               North Anna, Va 2000.  Backmark: ''Treble Rich / Standard''.

                                                               $200.00                                                                                   13mm 

ITEM # N61                                             Federal Cavalry Picket Pin. There are several variants to these pins.

                                                                  This is the style with the large loop and is full length. This one was

                                                                  recovered near Winchester, Va.


ITEM # N47                                            " The Official Military Atlas Of The Civil War "

                                              Over 1000 Maps, Drawings and Engravings.  396 Pages of Battle

                                              Grounds. Troop Movement & Camps Sites. This book is a must

                                              for the Historian or Artifacts Seeker. Book still retains it's cover

                                              and both are in great condition. Book measures 16 1/2''- 13 1/2''.


                                                           Powhatan Station Relics  

                                                                                    Specializing In Dug Civil War Relics                                                                                                      804-598-6991                                                                                                      804-382-2598

                                                                                                Site Update 06-23-17     

        ITEM # N21                               Bullet in Wood. Nice looking piece with a Type 3 Williams Cleaner lodged

                                                           in a section of ( Heart Pine ). You can clearly see the Zinc Washer on the

                                                           back of the bullet. This one was dug at the Battle of Bentonville, NC.