ITEM # UB69                                  U.S. Marine Coat Button. Great looking button with gold and no defects

                                                         or problems of any kind. Button was dug in Caroline Co, Va.

                                                         Backmark: ' Scovill M.G. Co.Superfine '.

                                                         $175.00                                                                            21mm

ITEM # UB27                                        Rhode Island coat size button with lots of gold wash

                                                               and defect free. Button was dug in New Kent, Va.

                                                               Backmark: Scovill Mfg. Co  Waterbury.

                                                               $175.00                                                       23mm

ITEM # UB22                                         Voltigeurs Eagle V. Cuff size button with great detail and

                                                                no problems of any kind. Recovered from Dinwiddie, Va.

                                                                $200.00                                                                        15mm                                    

ITEM # UB56                                          Tudor Rose button in the cuff size. These were worn by the early

                                                                 Naval Lieutenants. Recovered near York Town, Va.

                                                                 $25.00                                                                                 15mm


ITEM # UB49                                        Artillery Eagle A Button. Good condition and also has a great

                                                               patina. No defects or repairs. Recovered near Trader's Hill.

                                                               Backmark: Early Scovill Flatback.

                                                               $65.00                                                                                  20mm

ITEM # UB31                                     Federal Eagle D Button. This is a fair detailed button without

                                                            problems and dug with shank. Recovered from Georgia.

                                                            Backmark: Scovill* Waterbury*

                                                            Sold                                                                          21mm

ITEM # UB42                                Artillery 1 Piece. Same as above in dug condition. Nice silver plating.

                                                       $40.00                                                                                    21mm

ITEM # UB33                                    Federal Infantry Eagle 'I'. Cuff size button. Non - Dug.

                                                            $20.00                                                            16mm

ITEM # UB9                                                Silver Gilded Eagle "I". Early war and hard to dig.

                                                                     Sold                                                            16mm

ITEM # UB54                                         Harrison Campaign of 1840, Log Cabin & Cider Barrel.

                                                                Benedict & Burnham    

                                                                Sold                                                                  22mm                         

ITEM # UB37                                      Federal Staff Cuff or Collar Button. Lots of gilt and early

                                                             mark of Robinson & Jones. 1830s. Non- Dug Button.

                                                             $30.00                                                              15mm

ITEM # UB83                                  Early Navy. This one has great ( Rose Gold ) plating  and eye-appeal.

                                                        Button does have several soft dents to the face and is missing shank

                                                        but is a great looking early button.

                                                        $45.00                                                                                              23mm      

ITEM # UB62                            Federal Cavalry Coat Button. Good looking Eagle C with gold high-lighting

                                                   and problem free. Dug near New Kent Court House, Va.   

                                                   $75.00                                                                                      21mm                          

ITEM # UB81                                      Scarce Harrison Campaign 0f 1840. This one has the Octagon 

                                                             field. Great dug condition from New Kent, Va.

                                                             $200.00                                                                           19mm                               

ITEM # UB55                                          Federal Officer's Overcoat Eagle C Button. Button has a nice amount

                                                                 of gold plating and the backmark of Horstmann Bros & Co. Phil.

                                                                 $75.00                                                                                      23mm

ITEM # UB73                                          Votigeurs Cuff Button. Sweet button with super detail and no

                                                                 problems of any kind. Many of these early button have been

                                                                 recovered from Virginia Troops camps. This one was dug near

                                                                Charles City, Va. Great button.

                                                                $200.00                                                                       15mm

ITEM # UB46                                             New York State Seal. Non-dug button with lots

                                                                    of gold. Backmark: Steele & Johnson.

                                                                    $30.00                                                    23mm

ITEM # UB10                                     Officer's Overcoat Eagle R Button. Great looking button with lots

                                                            of gold wash, defect free and no repairs. Riflemen buttons are

                                                            scarce in this large size. Dug near Fredericksburg, Va.

                                                            Sold                                                                                    23mm

ITEM # UB28                                Officer's Federal Infantry Eagle 'I' Button. Lots of gold and

                                                       non - dug. Backmark: Horstmann & Allien N.Y. with rays.

                                                       $30.00                                                                23mm


ITEM # UB11                                        Federal Marines.  Good condition with gold wash and great eye

                                                               appeal. Button was recovered near White House Landing. There

                                                               is an almost unnoticeable dent under the left wing.

                                                               $140.00                                                                                  23mm

ITEM # UB67                                    Federal Dragoon Coat Button. Great button with super eye appeal

                                                           and no problems of any kind. Excellent example !!

                                                           $125.00                                                                                  20mm                                    

ITEM # UB30                                                  Massachusetts 1 piece. Silver plated.

                                                                          $90.00                                        25mm                                    

ITEM # UB76                                       Michigan State Seal. Cuff size button loaded with gold and no defects

                                                              or repairs of any kind. Recovered near Fredericksburg, Va.   

                                                              Backmark: *  G & B. Extra *

                                                              $140.00                                                                           15mm  

ITEM # UB53                                              Federal Artillery Coat Size Button. Great looking button with

                                                                     lots of  gold wash and eye appeal. Provenance unknown.

                                                                     $75.00                                                                           21mm

ITEM # UB34                               Federal Riflemen's Eagle R Button. Good condition button.

                                                      Cuff size button. Button has a small piece missing on the

                                                      rim, likely hit by the digger. Button is solid.

                                                      Sold                                                                            15mm

ITEM # UB64                                        Federal Artillery Coat button. Non-Dug button with the

                                                               mark of * W.H.Horstmann & Sons. Phi.*

                                                               $45.00                                                                      21mm



ITEM # UB63                                  Federal Infantry Officer's Overcoat Button. Nice gold wash and

                                                         backmark of Waterbury Button Co* Waterbury Conn*

                                                        $25.00                                                                                  23mm

U.S. Buttons

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ITEM # UB21                                             Voltigeurs Eagle V.  Minor ground action to the face but

                                                                    an excellent example of this hard to get button.

                                                                    $300.00                                                                     20mm

ITEM # UB2                                           U.S. General Service Eagle Button. Nice condition.

                                                                Recovered from Drewry's Bluff, Battlefield Va.

                                                                Sold                                                               20mm

ITEM # UB66                                         Federal Cavalryman's Coat Button. Nice condition button with

                                                                light traces of gold, no defects or repairs. Dug in an 1864-65

                                                                cavalry camp near Hopewell, Va.

                                                                $50.00                                                                           22mm

ITEM # UB51                                   Federal Staff coat size button. This one has lots of gold wash and

                                                          defect free. Recovered by Lester Roberts near Richmond, Va.

                                                          $75.00                                                                                23mm

ITEM # UB41                              Artillery 1 Piece. Lots of silver plating on this one. Non-dug button.

                                                     Sold                                                                                            21mm

ITEM # UB65                                             Federal Artillery Cuff Button. Lots of gold wash

                                                                    and the backmark of Horstmann & Allien.N.Y.  

                                                                    $35.00                                                                 16mm                    

ITEM # UB39                                      Federal Staff Cuff or Collar Button. Good dug condition with

                                                             lots of gold highlighting. Tin back button with shank.

                                                             Dug in Essex Co, Va.

                                                              $25.00                                                                         15mm

ITEM # UB4                                         Ordnance Corps. Nice coat size button in great condition.

                                                              No defects or repairs. Backmark: U.S.Ordnance* Corps*.

                                                              $200.00                                                               22mm


ITEM # UB32                      Federal Dragoons Eagle D. Cuff size button dug with great patina and shank.

                                             No ground action or problems, Recovered near Chickamauga, Ga. Nice !!

                                              $55.00                                                                                            15mm

ITEM # UB77                                 Michigan State Seal Coat Button. Great looking button with gold in all

                                                        the right places, no defects or repairs. Dug near Fredericksburg, Va.

                                                        Backmark: * Goddard & Bro * Extra.

                                                        $200.00                                                                             23mm

ITEM # UB78                                 Federal Infantryman's Vest Button. Nice looking Eagle "I" button with gold

                                                        high-lighting and dark green patina. This one has nice eye appeal.

                                                        Recovered from a Federal Cavalry Camp near New Kent Court House, Va.

                                                        $18.00                                                                                  16mm

ITEM # UB35                                   Federal Dragoon Eagle D Button. Cuff size button in good

                                                          dug condition. Shank is slightly tilted. Blank Back.

                                                          Recovered from Winchester, Va.

                                                          $40.00                                                              15mm

ITEM # UB13                                       Federal Riflemen. Excellent example with no ground action and

                                                              great detail. Back is blank. Recovered from Winchester, Va.

                                                              $125.00                                                                                    21mm

ITEM # UB85                                 Federal Infantry 1 Piece Coat button. Excellent example and dug. Button

                                                        is loaded with silver wash and no defects of any kind. Great example.

                                                        $65.00                                                Hold                                      20mm

ITEM # UB72                                      Federal Dragoon Cuff Button. Early button with great eye appeal

                                                             and an outstanding example. Recovered from Georgia.  Sweet !!!.

                                                             $60.00                                                                                 15mm                       

ITEM # UB45                                 Large coat size General Service Eagle with gold highlighting.

                                                        Solid non-dug button. Backmark: Horstmann & Allien NY.

                                                        $25.00                                                                              21mm

ITEM # UB24                                   Officer's Overcoat Eagle C Button. Great looking button

                                                           with gold wash. These large buttons are becoming very

                                                           scarce to recover. This one has a light crimp to the back

                                                           where hit by the digger. Button remains solid. Dug in

                                                           Stafford Co, Va.

                                                           $95.00                                                              23mm

ITEM # EB12                                            Wisconsin State Seal. Hard button to get in this large size. Button

                                                                   has nice gold highlighting, straight shank  and no defects. 

                                                                   Recovery unknown. Backmark: Extra* Quality*

                                                                   $225.00                                                                            23mm.                         

ITEM # UB60                            Federal Cavalry Cuff Button. Lots of gold wash and dug with shank.

                                                   Button was recovered from an 1864-65  Federal Cavalry camp near

                                                   Hopewell , Va.

                                                   $40.00                                                                                    16mm

ITEM # UB75                                              Federal Cavalryman's Vest or Cuff Button. Nice condition button

                                                                     with a fair amount of gold wash and no problems. Button was

                                                                     recovered from Bermuda Hundred, Va.

                                                                     $35.00                                                                               16mm

ITEM # UB82                                Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Button. 1 piece with nice gold high-lighting.


ITEM # UB47                                            New York State Seal. Non-dug button with lots

                                                                   of gold. Backmark: Superior Quality.

                                                                   $30.00                                                         23mm

ITEM # UB14                                        Rhode Island cuff button loaded with gold, no ground action

                                                               or problems of any kind. Backmark: Treble Gilt. Sweet !!.

                                                               Dug in the Low Country of South Carolina.

                                                               $90.00                                                                                15mm

ITEM # UB71                                        Federal Infantryman's Vest Or Cuff Button. Smooth button

                                                               with nice detail. Recovered from Bermuda Hundred, Va.

                                                               $15.00                                                                     16mm

ITEM # UB50                                     Officer's Overcoat Eagle 'I' Button. Nice highlighting of

                                                            silver wash. Recovered from Stafford Co, Va.

                                                            $25.00                                                                       23mm

ITEM # UB74                                              Early Navy Cuff Button. Good detail with a light green patina.

                                                                     Recovered from an early house site in King William Co, Va.

                                                                     Button is missing shank.

                                                                     Sold                                                                            15mm                                                  

ITEM # UB61                                Federal artillery one piece. nice condition non-dug button.

                                                       Backmark: W.H.H & Co / Superior Quality.

                                                       $45.00                                                                       20mm                                                        

ITEM # UB80                                        U.S.Dragoon Coat Button. Crisp detail and dark patina. This one

                                                               is missing the shank. Recovered from Trader's Hill.

                                                               $75.00                                                                             20mm

ITEM # UB26                                  Officer's Overcoat Eagle A Button.  Loaded with gold

                                                         and non-dug. Backmark: W.H.Horstmann & Sons. Phi.

                                                          $75.00                                                               23mm

ITEM # UB52                                           Pair of Coat & Cuff Federal Eagle Buttons. Both in good

                                                                  dug condition recovered from Berkeley Plantation, Va.


ITEM # UB70                                      U.S. Cavalry Cuff Button. Not the best I have seen but a fair

                                                             little button. Dug near Hopewell, Va.

                                                             Sold                                                                 15mm

ITEM # UB79                                 U.S.Dragoon Coat Button. Good looking button with nice detail and early

                                                        Scoville backmark. Recovered from Trader's Hill.

                                                        $100.00                                                                               20mm                                                                             

ITEM # UB68                                  1840s Navy Coat button. Good looking button with lots of ( Rose Gold ) plating.

                                                         The shank is pushed to the side. Recovered from Prince George Co, Va.

                                                         Sold                                                                                                     22mm

ITEM # UB57                                                  Infantry One Piece. Great looking coat button loaded

                                                                         with silver wash. Non-Dug button.

                                                                         $60.00                                                             21mm                                

ITEM # UB48                               Artillery Eagle A Button. Good dug condition with a nice green patina

                                                      and defect free. Cuff size button. Backmark: Early Scovill Flatback.

                                                      Recovered from Trader's Hill.

                                                      $45.00                                                                                                16mm

ITEM # UB59                                Early Navy One Piece. Nice looking non-dug button with gilt

                                                       high-lighting  and smooth. Blank back variant.

                                                       Sold                                                                                24mm

ITEM # UB25                                    Mass Volunteer Militia. Nice gold plating and the scarce

                                                            mark of  Wm.H.Smith. New.York. There is an almost

                                                            unnoticeable push under the sword. Recovery Unknown. 

                                                            $100.00                                                               23mm

ITEM # UB36                                     New York State cuff button with gilt highlighting. No

                                                            problems and Blank Back. Dug in New Kent, Va.

                                                            $10.00                                                               15mm

ITEM # UB1                                      Federal Cavalry Eagle C Button. Great looking button with

                                                           lots of gold and Backmark of *Goddard & Bro* Extra*.

                                                           Button was recovered near White House Landing, Va.

                                                           Sold                                                                            21mm

ITEM # UB58                              Federal Dragoon Button. Nice detailed button with no defects or

                                                     repairs. Recovered from Folkston, Ga.

                                                     $90.00                                                                                 20mm

ITEM # UB38                                            Federal Dragoon. Great Non-Dug coat button with

                                                                   the mark of W.H.Horstmann & Sons. Phi.   

                                                                   $150.00                                                           21mm                         

ITEM # UB84                                    U.S.Marine Cuff Button. Excellent button loaded with gold wash and

                                                           defect free. Great dug example. Recovered from Henrico Co, Va.

                                                           $125.00                                                                                          15mm

                                                           Powhatan Station Relics  

                                                                                    Specializing In Dug Civil War Relics                                                                                                      804-598-6991                                                                                                      804-382-2598

                                                                                                Site Update 02-20-18     

ITEM # UB44                               Federal Staff coat size button. Lots of gold and no repairs.

                                                      Button has two very small dents on each side of shield at

                                                      bottom. Good solid condition button. Dug in Sandston, Va.

                                                      $50.00                                                                           23mm