C.S.Buttons                                                                                                                                                                                           Click Photo To Enlarge


ITEM # CB47                               Confederate Infantry Lined 'I' Coat Button. Great button with a smooth

                                                      face ,shank and backmark of * Superior Quality * No problems of any

                                                      kind. Recovered near Charles City Court House, Va.

                                                      $175.00                                                                                            23mm


ITEM # CB65                                    North Carolina Militia Coat Button. Super detail and no problems.

                                                           Button is missing shank.  Excavated near Selma, NC.

                                                           $125.00                                                                 23mm

ITEM # CB25                                                Virginia Militia Cuff Button. Nice non-dug button with

                                                                       the scarce mark of * Wm.H.Smith & Co. New-York.

                                                                       $155.00                                                         15mm

ITEM # CB83                      Maryland Militia Coat button. Great button with the scarce * Canfield. Bro & Co. Baltimore *.

                                            back mark. This button was crimped off center during production and has some slight

                                            movement between the face and back. This is common with some manufacturers. Button

                                            is solid and very hard to get.

                                            $395.00                                                                                                                      22mm


ITEM # CB55                                     Floral Buttons. Buttons were dug in a confederate position near

                                                            Sayler's Creek Battlefield by Lee Jackson. Heavy stamped brass

                                                            buttons with nice dug patina.

                                                            $25.00 Each                                                                    23mm


ITEM # CB10                          Confederate Cavalryman's Stippled C. Produced by H.T.& B. of Manchester

                                                 England.Button does have some ground action but overall nice condition

                                                 and solid for this Extremely  Rare cuff size button. Recovered from a C.S.

                                                 Picket Post in Prince George Co, Va by Tommy Smith.

                                                $550.00                                                                                                16mm

ITEM # CB84                                      Confederate Infantryman's Lined "I" Coat Button. Smooth button with

                                                             nice patina. Button may have had the shank repaired. Solid button

                                                             and nice look. Dug in New Kent , Va.

                                                             $100.00   Sale  $75.00                                                                   23mmD

ITEM # CB37                                       C.S.Staff Local. Good condition button with solid back & shank.

                                                              Button does have some  ground action to the face. dug

                                                              in the Middle Tennessee area. Button is solid.

                                                              $175.00                                                                       23mm

ITEM # CB35                                    Confederate Infantry Block 'I'. Good condition button with solid

                                                           tin back. Missing shank, recovered from Middle Tennessee.

                                                           $75.00                                                                                  23mm

ITEM # CB32                                     Confederate Artilleryman's Lined A Coat Button. Nice looking Artillery

                                                            button recovered by Tommy Smith in Prince George Co, Va.

                                                            Button is missing shank but in really nice dug condition.

                                                            Light ( Superior Quality ) back mark.

                                                            $200.00                                                                                 23mm                      

ITEM # CB52                                     Confederate 1 Piece Infantry Coat Button. Good looking button

                                                            with nice detail.  Excavated near Saltville, Va.

                                                            $150.00                                                                       23mm

ITEM # CB28                               Cuff - Kepi Confederate script "I" Button. This one has light ground

                                                      action but an overall good dug button. Back mark is weak but does

                                                      appear to be  * Treble Rich / Standard *. Button was recovered

                                                      from Dinwiddie Co, Va.                                                      13 mm


ITEM # CB85                                Dug South Carolina Militia Coat Button. This one is really nice and

                                                       likely a Non-Gilted example. Condition is superb.

                                                       Excavated Virginia Campaign.

                                                       $150.00                                                                                    23mm

ITEM # CB51                                        Confederate Artilleryman's Coat Button. Nice button dug with

                                                                tin back and shank. Recovered from Caroline Co, Va.

                                                                $125.00                                                                            23mm

ITEM # CB53                                        Virginia Militia Staff Coat Button. Great example and Non Dug.

                                                               $170.00   Sale  $150.00                                                     23mmD

ITEM # CB36                                    Confederate Artillery Coat Button. Solid Tin Back and clean face.

                                                           Missing shank. All around nice button. Dug New Kent, Va.

                                                           $100.00   Sale  $80.00                                                        23mm D

ITEM # CB86                              Mississippi Militia Infantryman's Coat button. Good looking button with

                                                    gold high-lighting and shank. Excavated in Charles City, Va.

                                                   $550.00                                                                                              21mm                                                                    

ITEM # CB88                                    C.S.A. Solid Cast Coat Button. Sand cast button in good condition.

                                                           Button was recovered near the C.S. Howlett House Lines in

                                                           Chesterfield Co, Va.

                                                           $595.00                                                                                        22mm

ITEM # CB87                                 North Carolina ( SUN BURST ) Coat Button. Lots of Silver Wash

                                                        and really nice example. Missing shank, provenance unknown.

                                                        $225.00                                                                                 23mm

ITEM # CB45                                       Confederate Artillery Coat Button. Great looking button with crisp

                                                              detail to the face and dug with shank. Dug near Hatcher's Run, Va.

                                                              $150.00                                                                               23mm

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    ITEM # CB46                                Confederate Artillery Lined A Coat button. Good condition button

                                                           with the backmark of * Superior Quality *. Mark is weak but a nice

                                                           looking button overall. Recovered from Winchester, Va.

                                                           $250.00                                                                                   23mm

         ITEM # CB39                                     Confederate Infantry Script "I" Button. Blank Back variant with

                                                                     killer patina and no ground action, defects or repairs. Button

                                                                    was recovered from Fredericksburg, Va.

                                                                    $200.00                                                                                  23mm

ITEM # CB8                                     Confederate Artilleryman's Coat Button. Nice Block A button with smooth

                                                          face, full shank and good tin back. Recovered from Dinwiddie, Va.

                                                          $150.00                                                                             23mm

ITEM # CB48                                Confederate Infantry Script 'I' Coat Button. Excellent example, smooth

                                                       and problem free. Recovered from Caroline Co, Va..' Sweet Button!!

                                                       Button has the scarcer mark of ''Superior Quality''.

                                                       $225.00                                                                                      23mm

ITEM # CB7                                    South Carolina Militia Coat button nice gold highlighting. Dug with

                                                         shank,no defects or repairs. Backmark: Scovill Mfg Co. Waterbury.

                                                         $100.00                                                                             19mm

ITEM # CB61                                     North Carolina Militia Coat Button. Great detail and eye-appeal.

                                                            No ground action and lots of Silver Wash. Dug Fredericksburg, Va                  

                                                            $175.00                                                                           23mm

   ITEM # CB42                                   Confederate ' Pewter ' Infantry Coat Button. Dug with shank and

                                                             no edge loss. This one is super nice. Recovered near Holt Lake

                                                             Selma, NC.

                                                             $250.00                                                                                 22mm

ITEM # CB50                            North Carolina Militia Coat Button. Local made button with a fair amount

                                                   of gold wash and shank. Small piece of the rim is missing which is not

                                                   uncommon in these local made button. Dug by Denis Pemberton along

                                                   the route of the Seven Day's Battles.

                                                   $80.00                                                                                                 23mm

ITEM # CB44                                    Virginia Staff Officer's Coat button. This one has a fair amount of gold

                                                           with good detail and shank. Button was surely in service and has the

                                                           look.  Recovered from Caroline Co. Va. Scovill Mfg Co./ Waterbury.

                                                           $100.00                                                                                     23mm

ITEM # CB62                                Louisiana Militia Cuff Button. Good condition button. Could use

                                                       a little more cleaning. Dug Henrico,Va.

                                                       SOLD                                                                                     15mmD

ITEM # CB41                                     North Carolina Militia Button. ( Sun Burst ) style coat button

                                                            with good detail. Dug New Kent, Va.

                                                            $75.00   Sale  $55.00                                                   23mmD

ITEM # CB82                                   Confederate Infantry Script "I" Button. This one also has great patina

                                                          and likely from the same coat. Farmville, Va. Estate

                                                          $250.00                                                                                        23mm

ITEM # CB49                                   Georgia Militia Coat button. Not a scarce button but this one

                                                          has the look. Smooth and great example. Dug Northern, Va.

                                                          $195.00                                                                             23mm

ITEM # CB43                                        Confederate Infantry Script 'I' Button. Sweet example without repairs

                                                               of any kind. This is the small Kepi size button. Recovered from

                                                               North Anna, Va 2000.  Backmark: ''Treble Rich / Standard''.

                                                               $200.00                                                                                   13.5 mm 

ITEM # CB81                                    Excavated North Carolina Militia Button. Great button loaded with

                                                          Silver Wash. Button was recovered from a Confederate Picket Post

                                                          on the Black Water River. Southampton, Va. Shank is missing.

                                                          Many of these River Crossings were Picketed during the

                                                         ( Siege Of Suffolk, 1863 ).

                                                         $325.00                                                                                           23mm

ITEM # CB26                                          Mississippi Militia Infantryman's Coat Button. Great detail and Gold in all

                                                                 the right places. Shank is tilted slightly to the side. Recovered from

                                                                 Southeastern, Va. Backmark: Hyde & Goodrich. N.O.

                                                                 $495.00                                                           21mm

ITEM # CB22                                              Alabama Volunteer Corps. Great non-dug example.

                                                                     Lots of gold and no problems of any kind.

                                                                     $595.00                                                                21mm

ITEM # CB3                                              Virginia Militia Coat Button. Smooth button with great

                                                                  detail and gilt highlighting. No problems or repairs.

                                                                  Backmark: Young.Smith & Co. New.York

                                                                  $165.00                                                                            23mm

ITEM # CB63                                 A.V.C. Militia Coat Button. Great condition with lots of gold wash. Problem                                                        free button with the scarce mark of ( Jas. Corning / Mobile ). James Conning

                                                       produced buttons from 1860 - 1861. This example has the misspelled Die

                                                       that reads (  Corning ). Great example and Southern Made.

                                                       $995.00                                                                                      21mm

ITEM # CB16                                             Georgia Militia Coat Button. Non-dug button with lots of

                                                                   Gold Wash and mark of *W.G.Mintzer* Phila. 1861.

                                                                    $245.00                                                                   23mm

ITEM # CB54                                    V.M.I.Cadet Coat Button. Clean button loaded with gold wash and

                                                           problem free. Backmark: D.Evans & Co. Attelboro.  Recovered

                                                           New Kent Co, Va.

                                                           $100.00   Sale  $75.00                                                       22mmD