ITEM # N13                                U.S. Buckle or Cartridge Box Plate. This one has been " Melted Out "

                                                     likely for field casting bullets. This was often done when supplies

                                                     were low. Plate has been cased and ready for display.

                                                     Excavated Virginia Campaign.



ITEM # N27                                    Frankford Arsenal 1864 5 Second Fuzes. Package is unopened

                                                        and in great condition.


ITEM # N5                                         U.S. M-1851 Officer's Sword Belt Buckle. Excellent looking plate

                                                           Non-Excavated and Loaded with Blazing Gold. Plate # 646

                                                           M.O'Donnell. This one is a beauty. Ex Jerry Emberlin Collection.



ITEM # N90                                    Confederate ' Large Wishbone ' Frame Buckle. Also known as the

                                                         ' Fork Tongue '  in excellent dug condition. Beautiful dark green

                                                         patina without defects or repairs of any kind. Great example dug

                                                         by David Manuel in Richmond, Va.


ITEM # N120                                  Bugle Mouth Piece. Likely Pre-Civil War and in great condition.

                                                         Excavated *Fort Gibson* Oklahoma. Built 1824.


ITEM # N52                                         U.S. M-1851 Saber Belt Plate. Great looking plate with most of the

                                                              applied ' German Silver ' wreath intact. Uncommon for this plate.

                                                              The Keeper is not original to the plate however does add a nice

                                                              compliment. Both excavated Northern, Va.


ITEM # N65                                          Dug Wreath for the Two Piece C.S. Sword Belt Buckle.

                                                              Recovered from Dinwiddie Co, Va.   Bar measures

                                                             1.913 outside  1.610 inside. Wreath measures

                                                             1.937 outside  1.242 inside


ITEM # N84                               "  Sixth Plate Daguerreotype."  Plate appears to be a U.S. Officer wearing

                                                     Shoulder & Belt Plates in a beautiful " Gutta Percha " case.


ITEM # N64                                             Dug U.S. Cavalry Sword Hanger. Nice condition and patina.


ITEM # N34                                       " U.S. Cavalry Cross Sabers ".  These were broken when dug. 75 %

                                                            were recovered in three sections and make a nice display.

                                                            Excavated Northern, Va.



ITEM # N37                       "  Triple Marked "   Cavalry Carbine Sling Buckle. Nice dark plate and

                                             a really good strike. The tongue's are froze in place. Recovered from

                                             Stafford, Va.



ITEM # N40                            Dug 69 Cal. Springfield Bayonet. Good condition metal throughout with

                                                 Locking Ring & Screw intact. Excavated near 'Seven Pines, Va.

                                                 $75.00                                            HOLD

ITEM # N108                                     U.S. Eagle Shoulder Belt Plate. Great looking plate recovered many

                                                            years ago from the Battle Of Petersburg, Va. Nice Example.

                                                            $175.00                               HOLD

ITEM # N110                                                  Paper Wrap Musket Percussion Caps. Unopened and really

                                                                         nice condition. I believe these would have held 10 to 12

                                                                         caps and issued with the same in bullets.


ITEM # N22                                             Dug Regimental Number '9 or '6. Great condition

                                                                  recovered near Seven Pines, Va. 1" Size.



                                                                         Powhatan Station Relics                                                                                                                      I Am In & Out Often If No Answer Please Leave Message. Your Call Will Be Returned.

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                                                                                  Site Update   7-18-19


ITEM # N87                                         Virginia Style C.S. Tongue & Wreath Sword Belt Buckle.   

                                                             Great looking buckle excavated from Brandy Station, Va.   

                                                             Brandy Station or ' Fleetwood  Hill '   was the largest cavalry

                                                             battle of the Civil War. Plate was dug together and is an

                                                             excellent example with matching patina and fit. It will be hard

                                                             to find one nicer.


ITEM # N3                               1864  Naval  Watercap Fuse  with ' N.Y ' Stamp. Uncommon fuse. N.Y.

                                                  representing 'New York Depot' scarcer example of this 1864 fuse.

                                                  Fuse has a small push to the top flange. Nice condition.



ITEM # N31                                  Bullet In Wood. 69 Cal. Round Ball in a section of " Heart Pine " wood.

                                                       Clean and ready for display. Excavated near Charles City C.H., Va.


ITEM # N119                             Dug Regimental # 8. ' Lead Eight , I think surely Militia or Confederate used.

                                                    Not the best of condition however a neat military relic. Excavated

                                                    Battle of Seven Pines, Va. Stands 1 1/2".


ITEM # N91                             " Dug C.S.4 " Confederate Cavalry Spur. By far the nicest I have had to

                                                   offer in a while. The Rowel is free turning, condition is Superb.   

                                                   Excavated Winchester, Va.   


ITEM # N2                                   Ohio Volunteer Militia Belt Plate. Great looking buckle dug with hooks.

                                                      Buckle has a slight under curve which can be seen in the photo and is

                                                      non distracting to this scarce plate. Excavated N. Virginia.


ITEM # N12                                         " Dug " Artillery Cannon Primer. This one still has the

                                                               wire attached. Excavated Northern,Virginia.



ITEM # N62                              U.S. Navy ' Mustard ' Jar.' Rare and Scarce ' bottle. Uncertain if this is

                                                   a Water or Pit recovery but remains in great shape. Verbal

                                                   provenance of Norfolk, Va.


ITEM # N118                             U.S. Poncho Hook or Cape Clasp. These are very hard to find anymore

                                                    in this condition and this one is an excellent example. Recovered

                                                    many years ago from the Camps of Northern, Virginia.


ITEM # N56                            Confederate Cavalry Frame. Great looking Frame Buckle. Nice woods dug

                                                Green Patina without defects of any kind. Buckle is figure VIII-4 in Plates

                                                and ' Buckles of the American Military by Sydney Kerksis ' . Plate is the

                                               Thin Style and the rarest of these Plates. Dug near Bovina, Miss.


ITEM # N73                                   Confederate " Medium  Wishbone " Frame Buckle. Another scarce

                                                        buckle and equally as rare as the Baby Frame. No defects or repairs

                                                        of any kind. Recovered from Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N63                                    U.S. Cavalry ' Bit Boss ' or Rosette. This is the variant with Stippled

                                                         Face and Period between U.S. Excavated Virginia Campaign.


ITEM # N92                                         Dug ' Clip Corner ' Sheet Brass Belt Plate. The hooks are missing

                                                              however the solder marks are plainly visible. The plate was

                                                             excavated long ago from the action of  Seven Pines, Va.


ITEM # N21                               Dug " 1858 Jeff Davis Hat Pin ". Great Hardy Hat insignia with a smooth Dark Brown

                                                    Patina.You can't find them like this anymore. Excavated Western Theater.


ITEM # N117                                Dug  31 Cal. M-1849 Colt Pocket Revolver. Great relic revolver complete

                                                      with matching # 303439.  4 " Barrel  5 Shot. Revolver was purchased

                                                      long ago from the Atchison,Ks. Museum and believed to have been

                                                     recovered near Pilot Knob, Mo. Ex Jerry Emberlin Collection.


ITEM # N83                                  Regulation Company Hat Letter F. Great condition without breaks,cracks

                                                      or repairs. Excavated near Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N72                              Confederate " Baby  Wishbone "  Frame Buckle. Scarce buckle, and great

                                                   dug patina. Recovered from a C.S. Infantry Camp in New Kent Co, Va.

                                                   No breaks or repairs


ITEM # N28                                        U.S.Regulation Hat Letter ' A '. Great  excavated condition. No cracks

                                                             ,breaks or repairs. Dug in the Federal Camps at Brooke Station Va.


ITEM # N61                                 Confederate Cavalry Spur. Great looking spur dug in New Kent, Va

                                                      by Denis Pemberton. Spur has a nice green woods dug patina.

                                                      $120.00   Sale   $75.00


ITEM # N45                       Two Piece Combination Folding 'Fork & Spoon'. Working condition with much wear.

                                           The Wood Grip is missing to one side and is not uncommon for these.  Great War

                                           bring home relic. Set is out of a long time Maryland Collection.   


  New Items

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Click Photo To Enlarge


ITEM # N42                                        U.S. M - 1842 Gun Wrench. Great non-excavated condition.



ITEM # N24                        Dug 1834 U.S. Non Commission Officer's Plate. Great looking plate with all

                                             hooks intact and really nice dug condition. Smooth face and full lead

                                             back. Plate was recovered many years ago from the Union Camps

                                             near Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N23                         Confederate ( Standard Frame ) Waist Belt Plate. Excellent condition plate with 

                                              great patina and no problems of any kind. This one has a nice green patina

                                              and is a great example.  Sweet !!!. Excavated Orange, Va.


ITEM # N77                                        U.C.V. Reunion Medal. Macon Georgia 1912. Great condition.


ITEM # N59                                      Confederate Saddle Shield. This style is often found embossed

                                                           with the letters " C.S. ". This one is unmarked. Nice excavated

                                                           condition from Dinwiddie, Va.


ITEM # N88                                     " Iron Stud " U.S.Buckle. Scarce buckle and not encountered often.

                                                          Recovered near White House Landing,Va. Buckle has iron studs

                                                          full lead back and section of Belt Leather remaining. Nice !!.


ITEM # N51                                        " S.N.Y. " State of New York Belt Plate. Battle weary and

                                                             missing hook this one still has Eye-Appeal. Excavated

                                                             long ago from the ' Five Forks ' Va. Battlefield.


ITEM # N43                                  Dug 1859 Sharps ' Four Shot ' Pepperbox Pistol. Nice relic pistol with

                                                      Hammer, Trigger and Brass Sight intact. Condition is really nice.

                                                      This is one you rarely see excavated. Appears to be about 32 Cal.

                                                       Provenance Uncertain.


          ITEM # N20                                      * Southern Cross Of Honor * Great condition with a nice aged

                                                                     patina. Badge is unmarked. Attachment pin remains in place.


ITEM # N25                                  U.S. / C.S. Cavalry Stirrup. This one has great metal and is in super nice

                                                       condition. It has been cleaned and coated. Dug Winchester, Va.



ITEM # N4                                 C.S. Tongue for the  " Richmond Arsenal  " Sword Belt Buckle. Tongue

                                                    shows Crude Southern Craftsmanship. This one is often called the

                                                    ( Bar Style ). Recovered near Brandy Station, Va.


ITEM # N74                                        Dug  U.S. McClellan Saddle Shield.111/2 Inch Seat. Nice condition.

                                                            Excavated Northern, Va.


ITEM # N86                                       U.S. M -1851 Enlisted Man's Saber Belt Plate. Nice looking plate and

                                                            marked " U.S. Allegheny Arsenal "  Excavated Stafford Co, Va.



ITEM # N121                                     Dug ' Republic of Texas ' Dragoon ' Coat Button. Great looking button

                                                            without defects, ground action or repairs of any kind. Excellent

                                                            example and will be hard to find one nicer. Recovered long ago by

                                                            Charles Brecheisen Plano Texas. Scovills/Waterbury bm.

                                                            $2250.00                                                                                       19mm