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                                       BUCKLES & PLATES

ITEM # BP40              Dug Confederate ' Fork Tongue ' Frame Buckle. Large size with great look and 
                                    condition. Dark patina and nice body curve. Found Vicksburg Campaign.


ITEM # BP40                      Dug US Enlistedmen's Belt Plate. Early buckle in superb condition
                                            and scarce Iron Stud variant. Great looking plate found near
                                            White House landing, New Kent Co, Va. Belt leather intact.


ITEM # BP39                         Dug Confederate " Clipped Corner " Belt Plate. Great shape and 
                                               patina. Buckle is missing bar however the keeper is intact. Plate 
                                               was found Piedmont, Va camp.

ITEM # BP38             Dug US / CS Snake Buckle. British import produced by Isaac Campbell & Co. London.

                                    These were smuggled threw the Union Blockade for Confederate Use.

                                    Buckle was found years ago near Centerville, Va.


ITEM # BP37                          Dug Confederate Enlistedman's Frame Buckle. " Gutter Back" frame in

                                                 solid condition. Buckle was featured in Dave Taylor's October 2010

                                                 catalog where it was purchased. Provenance states Buckle was found

                                                 Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # BP36                               Dug US Shoulder Belt Plate. Nice dark patina and full lead back.

                                                      Found Battle of Fredericksburg, Va by Peter George.


ITEM # BP35           Dug US Shoulder Belt Plate. Rough plate however authentic to the "American Civil War ".

                                 Found Fredericksburg Va Battlefield by Peter George.


ITEM # BP34                         Dug US Cartridge Box Plate. Smooth with a really nice look, missing hooks.

                                               Found Fredericksburg, Va Battlefield by Peter George.


ITEM # BP33                  US 1851 Sword Belt Rig. Buckle and Keeper with matching numbers 881. Belt has

                                         all hardware with adjuster, sword hook and rings. Belt appears to be an attic or

                                         out building find and has the look of being there a very long time. I have had two

                                         of these with match numbers in 25 years.


ITEM # BP32                                         US Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Non-dug example in great

                                                                shape with a nice bright patina.


ITEM # BP31                          Dug Confederate ' Clipped Corner ' Belt Plate. Early war buckle missing

                                                 bar however the keeper is intact. Nice patina, great looking plate.

                                                 Found Piedmont,Va Camp.


ITEM # BP16                        Confederate Cavalry Frame. Great looking Frame Buckle. Nice woods dug

                                               Green Patina without defects of any kind. Buckle is figure VIII-4 in Plates

                                                and ' Buckles of the American Military by Sydney Kerksis ' . Plate is the

                                                Thin Style and the rarest of these Plates. Found near Bovina, Miss.


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