ITEM # MR97                                  Dug US Regulation Company Letter G Hat Insignia. You don't see

                                                               this one often. Found Fredericksburg / Stafford area.


ITEM # MR96                      Dug US Regulation Company Letter A Hat Insignia. Complete without breaks

                                                   or repairs. Letter has glue on the back and appears to have been on a board

                                                   at one time. Found New Kent Co, Va.


ITEM # MR95                            Dug Pad Lock. Large lock in solid dug condition. Found Petersburg, Va.


ITEM # MR94                             Federal Cap Box. Fair condition pouch. Most of the leather is good the

                                                          tongue a little stiff, missing one ear, fair overall condition.


ITEM # MR93                         Dug SU / CS 58 Cal Rifle Bayonet.. Appears to be a Springfield or Contract

                                                      bayonet with good solid metal and full length blade. Petersburg, Va find.


ITEM # MR91                             Dug US Regulation Company Letter' K ' Hat Insignia. These letters K,L & M

                                                         were reserved for the Cavalry Troops and are becoming very hard to find

                                                         with M being near impossible to find anymore. These are often broken

                                                         when found. Recovered US Camps of Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # MR90                            Dug US Regulation Company Letter' K ' Hat Insignia. These letters K,L & M

                                                         were reserved for the Cavalry Troops and are becoming very hard to find

                                                         with M being near impossible to find anymore. This one has a slight bend

                                                         however no breaks or repairs. Found US Camps of Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # MR89               Excavated Mississippi Style Spur. Iron variant boot spur in great shape with rowel intact.

                                            Measures 3 3/4" across. Found by the late Ray Grubbs, Bermuda Hundred Campaign.


ITEM # MR88                         Rifle Lock & Hammer Assemblies. I believe these locks to be period or earlier.

                                                      The hammers may have been replaced and not correct, I am uncertain with

                                                      one having an incorrect screw however the other may be a late war conversion

                                                      to cartridge.

                                                      $35.00 each

ITEM # MR85                                         " Southern Cross of Honor." Great aged patina and complete.


ITEM # MR83                           Excavated US Regulation Horse Bit. Dug or Picked up long ago Bit has great

                                                        patina to the Bosses and smooth Metal. This one is Maker Marked ; A. Barclay.

                                                        Alexander Barclay produced Bits & Spurs for the US Army 1860 - 1864.


ITEM # MR82                       Excavated US / CS Flat or Coin Buttons. 100 count all in good condition without

                                                    shanks. Found civil war era Camps & Home Sites in the Richmond Va, area.


ITEM # MR81                           Excavated US / CS Flat or Coin Buttons. 100 count all in good condition with

                                                       shanks. Found civil war era Camps & Home Sites in the Richmond Va, area.


ITEM # MR80                                          Excavated Lock & Hammer Assembly for the ' Saxon Musket '.

                                                                       You never see this one. Scarce Lock. Found Petersburg, Va Battlefield.


ITEM # MR79               Ames Model 1841 Naval Cutlass Dated ' 1842 '. First year production Cutlass in great shape

                                           with only a few small nicks to the blade. Rare to find in the original scabbard however this one

                                           is missing the 'Tip' which can easily be replaced if desired. Manufacture and Inspector marks

                                           throughout. Nice example and hard to find as a set.


ITEM # MR76                           US Officer's Pistol Cartridge Box. Leather is in great shape with tight stitching.


ITEM # MR75                                                    Dug US / CS Artillery Cannon ' Friction Primer. Nice

                                                                                shape with wire intact. Found Appomattox, Va.


ITEM # MR74                          Early War 69 Cal. US Springfield or Contract Rifle Socket Bayonet. Great shape

                                                      and patina. Appears to be an out building or barn recovery. Stamped US.


ITEM # MR72                                         Non - Excavated US Regulation " Poncho Hook or Cape Clasp ".

                                                                    Great example with lots of gold.


ITEM # MR70                                       Dug Cavalry " Picket " Pin. Good condition Pin however appears to

                                                                   have had a bend removed from the tip. Used for Tying &

                                                                   Field Grazing Horses. Found Charles City Co, Va.


ITEM # MR66                                   Dug U.S. 56 Cal 'Spencer Cavalry Carbine Lock & Hammer Assembly.

                                                                Nice example found years ago on the Petersburg,Va Battlefield.


ITEM # MR65                                            U.S. '1858 Smooth Side Canteen. Excellent example with light

                                                                        Bumps and Bruises. Stopper & Chain intact.


 ITEM # MR64                     Dug U.S 1858 "Jeff Davis " or 'Hardee Hat Insignia". Often found in pieces this one

                                                    is missing the 'Olive Branch. Great example for the price. Found Central Va.


ITEM # MR62                                                     Dug M-1851/57, 58 Cal." Saxon " Rifle Lock & Hammer

                                                                                 Assembly. Really nice shape with internals intact.

                                                                                 Found Spotsylvania Co, Va.


ITEM # MR59                                                      U.S. Model '1842 and 1861' Combination Gun Tools.

                                                                                   Great addition to your rifle displays. non-excavated


ITEM # MR53                                     Dug U.S. 1859 Cavalry / Artillery Spur Variant. Great condition

                                                                  and patina. Found near Murfreesboro, Tn.


ITEM # MR51                               ' United Confederate Veterans ' 29th Reunion Atlanta 1919. Nice pin

                                                            featuring 'Gen J.B.Gordon' on horse back. Attachment pin intact.


ITEM # MR49                   Dug U.S Regulation Hat Letter H Insignia. Large Company letter in great condition.

                                                These are so many times broken when found and near impossible to dig anymore.

                                                Found many years ago near Brooke Station, Va.


ITEM # MR44                                          Dug  U.S. Schenkl "  Early Pattern  " Combination Fuse.

                                                                       good solid condition. Recovered Northern, Va


ITEM # MR40                       Dug U.S./C.S. Cavalry " Picket Pin ". Crude construction variant and believe it to

                                                    be a Confederate copy of the U.S.Pin. Often used in camp for Grazing and

                                                    Tying Horses. Found near Winchester, Va.


ITEM #MR38                         U.S.1859 Regulation Cavalry / Artillery Bridle Bit. Likely an early Battlefield

                                                     Pickup or Barn find. Complete with Bosses & Chain. N. Virginia.


ITEM # MR35                           `

                                                    '9th Plate Tintype appearing to be a young U.S Dragoon or Artilleryman with

                                                     Shoulder Scales, Eagle Sword Belt Plate and a Fat Colt in his belt. Image

                                                     is clear and overall nice condition.


ITEM # MR63                        Dug U.S. 'Allegheny Arsenal '1861' Marked' Saddle Shield. Great looking shield

                                                     found many years ago Spotsylvania Co, Va. 1960s. Shield will display nicely

                                                     with your Allegheny marked Sword Belt Plate & Spurs.


ITEM # MR61                                              Dug U.S. Cavalry ' Bridle Rosette '. Variant without Period.

                                                                           Found 'US Cavalry Camp Aylett, Va.


ITEM # MR69                  Dug " Allen & Thurber 32 Cal." Six Shot ' Pepperbox Pistol. Good excavated condition

                                               and appears to have one nipple capped. Found Battle of Atlanta, Ga.


ITEM # MR34                  Dug " 1858 Jeff Davis Hat Pin ". Great Hardy Hat insignia with a smooth Dark Brown

                                               Patina.You can't find them like this anymore. Excavated Western Theater.


ITEM # MR34                                U.S. Navy ' Pepper ' .  Not sure if this is a Water or Pit recovery however a

                                                            scarce bottle in great condition. Provenance of Norfolk, Va.


ITEM # MR54                                      Dug Confederate Cavalry Spur. Iron variant in really nice shape

                                                                   however missing rowel. Found near Brandy Station, Va.



ITEM # MR55                 U.S. M-1858 "Bullseye" Canteen. Battle weary canteen still retaining most of it's blue

                                              cloth cover. Clearly a War Souvenir and maker marked " Porter, Hadden & Booth,

                                              missing Stopper & Strap. A true survivor.